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Hey Babes!

Today is just going to be a quick little post, because I wanted to share my second youtube video with you! I wanted to start this series called "Visuals" where I share a visual recap of my travels via my newly started Youtube Chanel.

This specific trip was great. I went to a place called Jekyll Island & If you follow me on IG you'd see how in love with this place I became. It was gorgeous and filled with so many exciting and different things to do.

Plus... I got to fulfill my life long dream of getting to go horseback riding on the beach lol.

Anyways Im going to link the video below! I hope you guys enjoy it & don't forget to subscribe!



Hey babes!

How are all of you? I can't believe I have taken such a long break from blogging.. Its been about a month since my last consistent posting schedule, and I'm so sorry for that. Today I just wanted to quickly update you guys on where I've been and also share a few photos from my travels.

Soooo where have I been? It seems like I've fallen off the face of the earth if you only subscribe to my blog, but if you follow me on Instagram ( @officialsavvyj ) you would know that I've been traveling the world for the last month! If you follow me on snap well then... you know where I've been every hour of the last month lol. Shameless plug here but - @savvy_jarrell is my snap and you guys should so follow me.

Any ways ya so I've been traveling on a month long 'road trip' if you will all across the US and Canada. Canada was so so fun as I was actually there via my wonderful IPSY family for Generation Beauty Toronto! It was super fun and I had such a blast seeing all of my beauty industry friends and going to all of the creator events that IPSY throws for us.

I actually pre wrote part of this from post a balcony in Kansas City. Just one of the places amongst the many that I've never been to before going on this trip. If you guys want to see a full list of all of the stops I've hit - check out the travel gallery below.

ALSO ......I've sort of filmed almost all of my experience on this trip. Which leads me into the next topic... I know literally all of you have been asking me for years to start a Youtube channel and I think now might be that time. Im thinking of posting the first vlog soon and then move on to beauty content / lifestyle stuff / and vlogs from there. Let me know what you guys think about that, and if that would be something you'd want to see!

Thats about it guys! I can't wait to get back and start posting back on my regular schedule again! But until then, love you guys and thanks for keeping up with my crazy life. xoxo
Also who peeped the new theme? How do you guys like it? Its like DollHaus Beauty 2.0 :)


SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016


Hello guys, 

Looking for a instagram-able spot to check out this weekend? I got you covered. Today we are talking about the top five most picture worthy spots here in Tampa. 

1. Oxford Exchange 

You guessed it, and you were right. Any and everyone who follows my Instagram ( @officialsavvyj ) has definitely seen Oxford tagged in like practically all of my photos. Ok that might be a little extreme, but you get the gist...I'm there alot. Oxford is one of my fav places mainly because there is so much to do there. You can shop, get tea at Tea Bella, get coffee at Buddy Brew, try on glasses at Warby Parker, grab brunch in the beautiful courtyard, etc. There's always something to do, and the food is everything and more. Totally recommend going for a late lunch on a week day, to avoid the craziness. Also be sure to sit in the courtyard as literally every inch of your meal will be insta-worthy. 

2. Restoration Hardware 

Believe it or not one of Tampa's newest gems is the massive Restoration Hardware at International Plaza. The four store interior design gallery is one of the most inspirational places to go if your looking to glam up your home ( or take a few pics. ) The best spot to get some real glamorous shots = the rooftop. Its adorn with chandeliers and beautiful set ups making it a bloggers heaven. Be sure to hit this spot if you're looking to spruce up your feed. 

** The black bag in the pictures above is from **

3. Tampa Theater 

Notably my favorite building in all of Tampa, historic Tampa Theater. An old school extremely beautiful building that boosts the iconic "Tampa" sign. This theater is as instagramable as it is beautiful. Weather your taking pictures inside or out, it is equally as stunning. I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite movies of all time, Breakfast at Tiffany's here at the theater and let me tell you it was like stepping back into time. The only problem with seeing iconic movies at an iconic theater, is well...everyone loves an iconic movie shown at an iconic theater. Basically, the lines are extremely long and masses of people come to see showings like Breakfast At Tiffany's, But if you can some how avoid the crowds, or go on a day where there isn't a showing this theater is generally pretty quite and easy to take photos of. 

4. The Tampa Museum of Art

Art with a view. If your looking for some creative inspiration here is your stop. The Tampa Museum of Art is a stunning contemporary museum right in the heart of downtown Tampa. The inside of the building itself is cool and modern enough to consider itself art. Be sure to view some of the sculpters on the second story deck as the view of the river as well as UT is incredible. Also be sure to check out any of the events ( new ones pop up every weekend ) in Curtis Hixon park, which is just outside the doors of the museum. 

5. Scenic Downtown

While I could have put tons of other Instagram worthy places in the top 5 spot, it didn't feel right not to mention our scenic downtown as one to check out. If you really want a great view of town, check out the water side park at the University Of Tampa. Once your in the park walk all the way down to the edge of the water, and look up. Its one of the most stunning views of Tampa and the river as a whole. The park is free to go to and while your there be sure to check out the Henry B Plant museum inside the UT campus. Another great view is the view from Curtis Hixon right across the river. Definitely worth checking out. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @officialsavvyj if you go to any of these stops! Let me know in the comments you're favorite instagramable location and it just may end up in a future article. ;) xo 



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Hey everyone!

So today I am doing something a little different from what I normally post on here. I really wanted to start sharing my travels with you guys and also share some of my favorite places that you just have to see when your traveling. Now I think I want to make this into a little series, where I will share all of my travels with you guys right after I go somewhere new. If you like this idea be sure to comment below and let me know if you want me to continue this series! Today we are spotlighting two cities. New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama. Two cities that I just adventured in last week.

Mobile, Alabama

First thing to do in Mobile -

Discover the city! Mobile is one of those beautiful old school southern cities that has amazing architecture, with sky scrapers intertwined with old beautiful buildings.

Key Places to see -

St. Joseph street ( the main stretch of down town )

Bienville Park Off of Dauphin street ( Beautiful park with very picturesque fountain )

Where to stay :

So I stayed right downtown at the

The hotel was dead center in the city and our room had a massive balcony with the greatest view. The hotel was practically brand new and I would highly recommend to anyone going to Mobile.

Where to eat -

The best place to eat when in town is at the Wintzell's Oyster House. This restaurant is a complete institution that has been in business since 1938 and has great food & atmosphere.

The second picture is at our hotel, breakfast with a view.

Third is spot of tea a cute little breakfast place in downtown

New Orleans, Louisiana

First thing to do -

Take a cab ride / trolley / drive through the French quarter - you can see a ton of landmarks like the French market, café Du Monde, and Bourbon street all within a few blocks of each other

Key places to see -

New Orleans River Walk

Café Du Monde

Bourbon Street

Aquarium of the Americas

French Market

Jackson Square

The National WWII Museum

Garden District

The French Quarter

Central Grocery ( home of muffaletta )

The last shot gun houses off of Bourbon street

Above ground cemeteries

Via lobos rescue center

Where to stay -

I stayed at the Marriot in the warehouse district -

Beautiful hotel, we had a huge two bedroom suite with a kitchen and dinning / room. This hotel is really unique because its actually a old converted warehouse, located right by the cruise terminal and convention center.

Where to eat -

Café Du Monde - Beignets and Coffee

800 Decatur Street 70116 New Orleans 
(504) 525-4544

Café Madeline - French café / Garden District
601 S. Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118 [Map It]
(504) 861-8662

Camellia Grill - All American - Garden District / Uptown

626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 ·
West Carrollton
(504) 309-2679 ·
Hope you all enjoyed this simple little travel guide! Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in seeing one of these for more trips ( ill be traveling a lot in the upcoming months ) xoxo
-Love Savvy

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