Obsessions - New Bling From Mouguet Jewelry - Kylie Jenner Ring Dupe? 

Hey Dolls!

Today I wanted to share one of my current obsessions, this new ring I got from a brand called Mouguet. I posted some pictures of the ring when I got it on snapchat - which side note.. you should add me!! @savvy_jarrell - anyways when I posted the pics SO many of you guys asked me about the ring and where you could get one of your own!

So Naturally I thought this post was definitely necessary to tell you guys all about this new bling! 

First off let me just say, this ring is amazing quality! Over the last year I have started to really build up a ring collection and most of the rings are actually of a similar price point.

Owning a lot of rings similar to this one, means I definitely know what to look for when it comes to quality. Everything from how the crystals shine to if the material is high quality, Its pretty apparent when a ring is well made. 

Also the packaging is super stunning with the deep Burgundy and nude bags, and Burgundy and gold padded box.

One huge things with rings and fashion jewelry in general is that it kind of gives itself away. Meaning that even if you spend a ton of money on a ring, you can still tell weather or not its a good material just by wearing it for a few hours. If it turns your skin green, well then you have your answer. 

For me this ring definitely didn't stain my skin, which is great. Its great for one because now I know that the material is substantial, and for two it means that the silver is less likely to tarnish and turn into that odd coppery color that fashion jewelry has a tendency to turn. 

As for what material the ring is made of, I'm pretty sure on the site it said that it was made of " The highest standards in Rhodium-Plated metal and circular cubic zirconia gemstones!' 

The ring is silver with the crystal look, and comes with three rings. I typically wear all three together for that stacked look, but you could also wear all three a part giving a "midi" ring look. 

- Description on Site - 


Refined and stylish, this three in one piece accentuates your look. Handmade to the highest standards with rhodium-plated metal and circular cubic zirconia gemstones. Perfect for daily use.

ALSO something Brought to my attention via snap chat is that it actually sort of resembles a ring that Kylie Jenner actually owns. Now while I'm sure hers is in the multi thousands range, this beauty is actually only $61.00! 

However if you want you guys can use my code "savvyj10"for a 10% off coupon! Making the ring only $54.90

So as you can see this ring actually does look lot like the three on Kylie's hand, just a little smaller. 

Thats about it guys! I love you all so much and be sure to check out the link to the ring below! Hope you enjoyed todays posts, and be sure to let me know what your favorite piece from Mouguet is!

Link to buy -

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Hey babes!

How are all of you? I can't believe I have taken such a long break from blogging.. Its been about a month since my last consistent posting schedule, and I'm so sorry for that. Today I just wanted to quickly update you guys on where I've been and also share a few photos from my travels.

Soooo where have I been? It seems like I've fallen off the face of the earth if you only subscribe to my blog, but if you follow me on Instagram ( @officialsavvyj ) you would know that I've been traveling the world for the last month! If you follow me on snap well then... you know where I've been every hour of the last month lol. Shameless plug here but - @savvy_jarrell is my snap and you guys should so follow me.

Any ways ya so I've been traveling on a month long 'road trip' if you will all across the US and Canada. Canada was so so fun as I was actually there via my wonderful IPSY family for Generation Beauty Toronto! It was super fun and I had such a blast seeing all of my beauty industry friends and going to all of the creator events that IPSY throws for us.

I actually pre wrote part of this from post a balcony in Kansas City. Just one of the places amongst the many that I've never been to before going on this trip. If you guys want to see a full list of all of the stops I've hit - check out the travel gallery below.

ALSO ......I've sort of filmed almost all of my experience on this trip. Which leads me into the next topic... I know literally all of you have been asking me for years to start a Youtube channel and I think now might be that time. Im thinking of posting the first vlog soon and then move on to beauty content / lifestyle stuff / and vlogs from there. Let me know what you guys think about that, and if that would be something you'd want to see!

Thats about it guys! I can't wait to get back and start posting back on my regular schedule again! But until then, love you guys and thanks for keeping up with my crazy life. xoxo
Also who peeped the new theme? How do you guys like it? Its like DollHaus Beauty 2.0 :)



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Hello guys, 

Looking for a instagram-able spot to check out this weekend? I got you covered. Today we are talking about the top five most picture worthy spots here in Tampa. 

1. Oxford Exchange 

You guessed it, and you were right. Any and everyone who follows my Instagram ( @officialsavvyj ) has definitely seen Oxford tagged in like practically all of my photos. Ok that might be a little extreme, but you get the gist...I'm there alot. Oxford is one of my fav places mainly because there is so much to do there. You can shop, get tea at Tea Bella, get coffee at Buddy Brew, try on glasses at Warby Parker, grab brunch in the beautiful courtyard, etc. There's always something to do, and the food is everything and more. Totally recommend going for a late lunch on a week day, to avoid the craziness. Also be sure to sit in the courtyard as literally every inch of your meal will be insta-worthy. 

2. Restoration Hardware 

Believe it or not one of Tampa's newest gems is the massive Restoration Hardware at International Plaza. The four store interior design gallery is one of the most inspirational places to go if your looking to glam up your home ( or take a few pics. ) The best spot to get some real glamorous shots = the rooftop. Its adorn with chandeliers and beautiful set ups making it a bloggers heaven. Be sure to hit this spot if you're looking to spruce up your feed. 

** The black bag in the pictures above is from **

3. Tampa Theater 

Notably my favorite building in all of Tampa, historic Tampa Theater. An old school extremely beautiful building that boosts the iconic "Tampa" sign. This theater is as instagramable as it is beautiful. Weather your taking pictures inside or out, it is equally as stunning. I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite movies of all time, Breakfast at Tiffany's here at the theater and let me tell you it was like stepping back into time. The only problem with seeing iconic movies at an iconic theater, is well...everyone loves an iconic movie shown at an iconic theater. Basically, the lines are extremely long and masses of people come to see showings like Breakfast At Tiffany's, But if you can some how avoid the crowds, or go on a day where there isn't a showing this theater is generally pretty quite and easy to take photos of. 

4. The Tampa Museum of Art

Art with a view. If your looking for some creative inspiration here is your stop. The Tampa Museum of Art is a stunning contemporary museum right in the heart of downtown Tampa. The inside of the building itself is cool and modern enough to consider itself art. Be sure to view some of the sculpters on the second story deck as the view of the river as well as UT is incredible. Also be sure to check out any of the events ( new ones pop up every weekend ) in Curtis Hixon park, which is just outside the doors of the museum. 

5. Scenic Downtown

While I could have put tons of other Instagram worthy places in the top 5 spot, it didn't feel right not to mention our scenic downtown as one to check out. If you really want a great view of town, check out the water side park at the University Of Tampa. Once your in the park walk all the way down to the edge of the water, and look up. Its one of the most stunning views of Tampa and the river as a whole. The park is free to go to and while your there be sure to check out the Henry B Plant museum inside the UT campus. Another great view is the view from Curtis Hixon right across the river. Definitely worth checking out. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @officialsavvyj if you go to any of these stops! Let me know in the comments you're favorite instagramable location and it just may end up in a future article. ;) xo 


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Hey babes, 

Been on the hunt for a perfect pair of Instagram-able summer sunnies? Look no further. I have been searching for the best pair of sunglasses that just screamed summer chic, for what feels like forever now. 

Thankfully I came across a site called Lonjure ( can we talk about the name, because so cute )  that sell those ever so famous rose gold sunnies that you've probably seen ever fashion blogger, It girl post about a million times by now. 

I love love love these glasses in specifically because they have that pretty blush tone that makes every outfit, just a tad more feminine. They also have really nice weight to them, so to me they totally feel like designer glasses. 

Here's the direct link to the glasses, they're called the " Arielle Rose Gold" 

Click Me!

Price - $39 - with free shipping $$

Well that's about it! Hope you guys like these short little posts! I know so many of you were asking me where to get these sunglasses, so if you have any other item's you'd like me to do a post like this on, let me know in the comments below! xoxo 


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Hey dolls, 

Since the beginning of my blogging career everyone has always asked me, "how do you take your pictures? How do you edit them? How do you get everything so crisp and white?" So today I thought I would answer the age old questions, and let you all in on what equipment I use and how I take all of my pictures!

- Lighting - 

Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on a camera, fancy equipment, backgrounds etc. you need to learn about lighting! Lighting is one of if not, the most important part of taking photos. It doesn't matter weather or not you have the best camera / lens on the market, if the lighting is bad... Well then the picture is probably not going to live up to its full potential. So what is the best type of light you ask? Its always better to shoot ( especially pictures of yourself ) in indirect natural light. If you have a big window, your all set. But in my opinion even the best window light still needs some help sometimes. Especially because you cant control the weather, and by the end of the day your window will start casting shadows which makes it impossible to get a good photo. 

Since natural light sometimes needs a boost, that when we get into our lighting equipment. For me I personally shoot with two large umbrella lights, rather than a ring light ( like most bloggers ) This is because I feel that lighting from a ring light only lights up the face, leaving the background dark and dull looking. If you want to invest in two umbrella lights and a ring light ( for the center of the photo) you'll be looking at some bomb selfie lighting. But if you cant afford to invest in all three than I suggest using a window and the umbrella lights to help brighten everything up. Also something you can do is take one umbrella off of the light and leave the other one on. This gives a more direct light from the naked bulb, which in my testings really helps to sharpen the picture. 

- Iphone Lighting - 

I know most of you are overwhelmed at the thought that your going to need to buy all of this fancy equipment to become a blogger, but in all actuality an iphone and some good lighting will suffice. Now when I take any pictures with my iphone, I always try to use the front camera, as the quality is much better then the "selfie camera." I also always use an ring light attachment to help get my pictures as well lit as possible. For this I use a little ring light attachment from a company called "Ring Light Selfie." I will link there site below so you guys can check them out. Its basically a little dim able ring light that just clips on an off of your phone. I have mine in silver - definitely worth trying out.

Ring Light Selfie 

- Camera -

I wish I wasn't such a typical blogger, but yes yes I have the same camera that everyone else on the face of the internet seems to have..the sony A5000. Now while I have the A5000 a lot of people have the A5100. But from what I've seen the cameras are basically identical, except in the fact that the A5100 is super hard to get your hands on and the A5000 is only slightly hard to get your hands on, lol. I definitely think this camera is worth every penny, but if you cant get your hands on one feel free to use your phone. ( I know I do enough ) 

- Editing - 

Believe it or not I do 99% of my editing directly through the Instagram app. I love to use the " edit " side to manipulate the tones, brightness, contrast etc. of my photos. Then I go in and use a few different filters on low levels. I typically use aden, juno, and ludwig. Now the trick to getting my photos so white, is a little button called "highlights" I shoot on a white background - with good lighting of course - and then brighten the photo via "highlights." This works so so well because un like boosting the brightness & washing out your whole picture it only brightens the already highlighted portions of the photograph. 

Before & After editing 

There you have it - my few little tips and tricks to taking good Instagram & blog shots! I hope you all enjoyed and I will see you right back here tomorrow! xoxo 


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Hello Doll's,

Today's post is a recipe that I wanted to share with you all. Since going vegan almost a year ago now ( can you believe its been that long already ) I have been in the kitchen trying to come up with veganized versions of some old favorites.

The one I've decided to make today is vegan french toast. French toast is something I have not had in what feels like forever, mainly because french toast batter contains eggs, and milk. However today we made a batter that is just as sweet and delicious minus the animal products.

This recipe was a product of a lot of time spent testing in the kitchen. I tried out 3 different recipes before I came to this one. One I tried out had chia seeds. another had flour, but this one, this one was the best of them all.

I did not know how difficult it would be to make vegan french toast, like its seems easy enough. Just take the recipe and execute it and viola. But that was definitely not the case. I tried recipes that other people swore by and they failed miserably for me. Mainly the problem was that since there is no egg in the mixtures it didn't harden the bread like typical french toast. So everything was mushy central. Not cute. The good thing about testing and failing and trying again, is that it typically will make you a better cook in the end. You learn about what ingredients do what to the food, and you can really manipulate the recipe to your liking. So if it doesn't work out, try and try again. There's nothing like it when you finally end up perfecting something you failed at first, so never ever give up. This is true in cooking, and in life.

- Ingredients -  

1 Loaf of artisan bread - You want to buy a loaf that isn't pre - sliced that way you can slice them thicker 

3 eggs worth of egg replacer - I use the one from Red Mill - Your going to need to measure and mix the egg replacer the way the directions say on the package - Then add the mix into the rest of the ingredients 

1 3/4 cups of vanilla soy milk - soy milk has a slightly thicker consistency so it works better in my opinion that almond milk 

2 or 3 tbsp. of agave or maple syrup - which ever you prefer

1/2 tsp. of pure vanilla extract 

3/4 tsp. of cinnamon  

Earth balance and or vegetable oil to lightly grease the pan 

- Directions - 

1. Grab a skillet or a hot plate and heat it up on your stove. I used medium heat.

2. Mix together in a large bowl all of the said ingredients above, minus the earth balance or oil. I used a small wisk to help get all the ingredients blended properly as the egg replacer and cinnamon can get slightly clumpy. 

3. Toast you bread. This one of the main keys to making vegan french toast, as the bread has a hard time hardening even with egg replacer's.  I just toasted mine lightly just to help harden up the bread. Also my bread was fresh from the bakery. I heard that if you wait a day or two the bread will naturally harden and make for better french toast.

4. Dip the bread into the batter coating all sides & crust. Do this quickly so that the bread does not get soggy. 

5. Put either some vegan butter or some oil on the skillet to help brown the toast. I used a small tbsp. of earth balance to cook mine. 

6. Put the bread on the skillet and leave to cook thoroughly on one side before flipping. Check every few seconds to make sure that the side that is cooking is not burning. 

7. Top with some maple syrup, cinnamon, sugar, strawberries, or whatever you'd like on it and you've got yourself some vegan french toast. 

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you try out this recipe for yourself and if you do be sure to let me know below how you liked it! 

Cruelty Free Beauty Box 

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to do a little unboxing post of this months Vegan Cuts box. The box is a monthly subscription service like no other. All of there beauty products are 100% Cruelty free and vegan!! This box comes every month with 4-7 full and sample size products, and only costs $19. My box this month came with 6 products one being full sized and the rest being large samples! I did the math on it and in my box I had over $40 worth of products! If you aren't really into beauty subscription services Vegan Cuts also offers a snack box, with all kinds of yummy vegan snacks to try.

What Comes inside  

1. Au Naturale - Cream Eyeshadow - "Addiction" -  A dark green shadow with gold reflex. Made with essential oils to nourish your skin. Full Sized $20 value
Click on photo to be redirected to product site

2. Derma E - A hydrating night creme designed to plump skin to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles - $7.50 value

Click on photo to be redirected to product site

3. Norabloom - Cotton pads dipped in organic rose flower water to detoxify, harmonize and rejuvenate your skin - $3 value

Click on photo to be redirected to product site

4. BEING - A pure blend of Australian black clay + electrically activated charcoal to open pores and draw out toxins - $5 value

Click on photo to be redirected to product site

5. Enfusia - Mini bath bombs crafted w / skin softening baking soda + moisturizing oils for a delightful bath experience - $2.50 value

Click on photo to be redirected to product site

6. Aubrey Organics - Protein-enriched hair spray made with organic chia seed oil to add a soft, natural hold without plastics or silicon - $3 value

Click on photo to be redirected to product site

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post - let me know if your subscribed to Vegan Cuts and what you got in your box this month!

Get your own Vegan Cuts beauty box -

-Love Savvy

Veganism + faq

One month today. One month seems like such a short time, but in only one months time I've began a journey that will forever change my views on the world. So let me start this blog out with saying that this post is extremely important to me. More important then I ever knew it would be. This post is going to be a lot of things. It will be factual, it will be eye opening, it will be graphic at times, it will probably the longest post I will ever put up, but in the end it will be educational and hopefully life changing for some of you who are willing to become educated about something that is not often talked about. Now I know that this wont be for everyone, not everyone will be willing to read this or care to have there views tampered with. Not everyone will want to see graphic images, or read through statistics but I hope that some of you do read this. I hope some of you continue to scroll through this whole page and actually click on the videos and let your mind and heart be open to change. When watching the videos I have put below please watch them with an open heart, and realize that every single person on this earth has an impact, and every single person on this earth has the ability to change the world. We do it every day. Even though we don't realize it. We leave behind something called a carbon foot print. This is how we have effected the world. You may think you have no way to change that foot print, you may think it doesn't matter. But did you know that a vegans carbon foot print from food consumption alone is only 2.89 kilos for the Average dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day. While a typical meat eaters Average dietary greenhouse-gas emissions is 7.19 per day. Such a difference. A difference that many people don't know about. Many people think that vegans are crazy. That they are hippies who care way to much about animals. They think that you've become a vegan because you want to save the animals and that's it. They don't think into the facts, the health statistics, the environmental damage. So below I have included an FAQ on question I am asked on a daily basis. Now moving forward ( this is literally the longest intro I've ever written ) I have categorized all my topics, so if you guys want to know specifically about one particular thing it will be easier to find. Enjoy. xx


Veganism. A word that most of the population cringes at the thought of. But why? Is it because the thought of giving up a cheese burger sounds impossible? That used to be a good enough reason as any for me. I have looked into / studied about veganism for over a year now. But only committed to this life a month ago. Why you ask? Well for the same reason 90% of you who are reading this haven't made that switch either. Its scary. You think oh my gosh am I only going to be able to eat fruits and vegetables for the rest of my life?!?! Am I going to ridiculed like crazy for this decision? Do I have to give up everything else in my life that isn't vegan? It seems impossible to do. Until you just do it. But it takes some real motivation to make the change. I first tried to go vegan around a year ago. It obviously didn't go so well lol. It was so hard, and I was so undereducated so it never stuck. Back then I made the switch only because I had seen a documentary or two and felt so bad for the animals that I couldn't stand to look at a piece of steak. But transitioning into something as big as veganism shouldn't be done on a whim. You should know what to tell people when they ask you questions ( and oh trust me EVERYONE will ask you questions ) and you should have a real reason to stick with it. Your views on food have to change. When you don't know the actual facts behind what your eating you give up. You give into everyone else's insecurities, and are peer pressured back into eating ice cream. Then you think hey cheese isn't that bad for me, and by the time you know it your sitting down for dinner chomping on veal parmesan. So what will keep you motivated? Knowledge. Learning about the statistics and realizing that veganism is 50 50. Its 50% Medical and 50% ethical. The ethical side is what catches your attention but the factual, medical side is what will make you commit.

Medical reasons to go vegan

To me the scariest thing in the world has always been to go to the doctor. Its always been so terrifying to me because there is always that possibility that they could tell you what you don't want to hear. So about two months ago when I started experiencing extremely weird pain in my side I was obviously petrified. It turns out that I was experiencing the beginning effects of an ulcer (since being vegan I haven't experienced any symptoms). Now something that caught my attention back when I was speaking with my doctor was how one of the first things she told me was how I should lessen my intake of dairy. That has obviously stuck with me now into veganism. As children I don't think we really know what were putting into our bodies. I mean we all know that when we go to the doctors for a check up we are told to eat more fruit and veggies and lessen are intake of happy meals, but how come we are never told about other "good for you foods?" Why are we not told that eggs contain more cholesterol then a double cheeseburger with four slices of bacon? Why aren't we told that milk contains Growth hormone, rBGH or that one of the leaders in developing prostate cancer is due to your intake of milk and dairy. Why aren't we informed? Well you have to look at it this way, doctors are human. They don't believe in going vegan? Then your not going to be told about it. Another reason so many of us are lacking this information, money. Yes, money. The meat industry was valued at $807 billion in 2014. So its obvious were not going to be informed about something that could potentially damage that market. How ever lets look into some statistics about why going vegan is so good for your health.

Here's a link to 57 health benefits of going vegan -

Here is an article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - on why vegan diets reduce the risk of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases


Meat. Something that everyone grows up with the mind set that you have to have meat for a well balanced meal.  You always here parents telling there children to eat there chicken! That's its good for them and that they need to finish it before the can be excused from the table. But how good is meat for you? Truth is meat is filled with toxins. That is why when you change from being a meat eater to a vegetarian or vegan you go through a withdrawal. They have a stimulant effect that causes use to depend on it. Now what do this toxins do to our body? Here's a few things that can be caused specifically by meat Infectious Cancer CellsMad Cow Disease (CJD) , Swine Flue, Avian Flu, Salmonella, Porcine Circovirus Associated Diseases (PMWS) – disease related with pig, Listeria, Toxemias of pregnancy, Colon bacillus, Bluetongue. Just to name a few. ( Click UNDERLINED text to see where I got this information) Here is a few things that are inside the meat you consume on an everyday basis Antibiotics, Growth Hormone, SteroidsChemical Toxins from Slaughter ProcessPCDDs (Dioxins)Meat and Red Dye (Red dye 40)Sodium NitriteBone Meal ArsenicConcentrated bacteria toxicGrinded Styrofoam and plastic bagsHigh concentration of pentobarbital sodium (the pink stuff) which is used as lethal injection for euthanizing shelter cats and dogs, and

The Ethical Reason you shouldn't eat meat

Now if the health statistics didn't steer you away from meat this next part might... So we all love our pets, right? The thought of someone eating a little fluffy kitty is enough to turn your stomach, but why doesn't the thought of a little baby cow make you gag? Truth is, it probably does. But we aren't the ones out there killing the little pig or lamb our selves so we become emotionally detached. Here's a video that is perfect at helping you under stand the connection and the hypocrisy that happens when you make the emotional connection.

What happens to those animals that we as people mindlessly eat everyday? What do they have to go through? WARNING this video is extremely graphic but shows the reality of what happens to all the different types of animals in the meat industry. This also makes the connection between egg laying hens and dairy cows, & how ALL these animals are mistreated, then killed.

The images you are about to witness are extremely GRAPHIC and are important to show those of you who do not care to see the above video, what really happens behind closed doors.


One of the number one questions I get asked is why is dairy bad? People make the connection between animals and why its bad to eat them, but seem to never see the truth behind the dairy industry. For some reason everyone I talk to seems to think that cows that are used for milk grow up on sweet little farm and they wear cow bells, and everything's all cute and sweet. But sadly that's not the reality. You could say "well I only drink milk from family farms!!." But here's the reality... words  like "family farms" & "cage free" & "free range" are all marketing ploys. There packaging and adverts are often adorned with a picture of a happy little dairy cow smiling big, but that's just not the reality. No matter where your milk comes from it isn't ethical. Along side with the 11 billion dollar a year industry being completely unethical, it also has an effect on our health. One thing that will really turn you away from drinking milk is what is inside. Something you probably didn't know is that milk contains alarming levels of pus. Yes that's right pus. The same pus that is inside of a zit. DISCUSTING.. The pus found inside cows milk is actually called somatic cells, and a 8oz glass of milk can contain up to 180,000,000 pus cells!!! These somatic cells come about from the infected utter of a cow. Another reason milk is bad for us, is rBGH. A growth hormone I touched on before. This hormone is injected into dairy cows to produce more milk, that increases the risk of cancer. This hormone has been banned from countries like Canada, and massive brands like Walmart have taken milk that has been affected by rBGH off there shelves. Now what if you are saying "I only drink raw organic milk from a local dairy farm!!" Well the truth behind even raw unfiltered milk, is that it contains over 80 active hormones NATRUALLY that shouldn't be inside the human body. Now milk is often referred to a mucus forming food meaning, that since cows milk is meant for a baby cow it naturally shouldn't be put into a humans body. So when these hormones are now entered into our bodies we go into complete inflammation, because our anti bodies do not know what it is. Another factor with in milk is the hormone called IGF1 that causes cells to replicate (obviously deadly for people with cancer.) One more thing about milk that you may not know is that it contains something called casomorphine. This Is a mucus producing substance with in milk that can stimulate the production of mucus with in our respiratory glands. Now to let you in on the ethical side of things. If you watched the previous video you will have heard them say "dairy cows have it the worst off." To elaborate on this I leave you will this video WARNING GRAPHIC


The images you are about to witness are extremely GRAPHIC and are important to show those of you who do not care to see the above video, what really happens behind closed doors.


Another commonly asked question, brought to my attention are that of eggs. Why are eggs so bad for you? Here's why. First lets start off with the study that show eggs are so high in cholesterol that one egg yolk is higher then a Hardee's monster burger. That's a burger with two patties, three slices of cheese, and four strips of bacon. ONE single egg yolk contains 215 mg, while that Hardee's monster burger only contains 210 mg. It is said that a healthy person should consume no more then 300 mg per day of cholesterol and a person with cardiovascular disease should NOT exceed 200mg. That means one single egg yolk would be over you whole days worth of cholesterol intake to remain healthy (yes cholesterol is essential for good health its just the right cholesterol.) There is also a step wide increase of people being at risk for type two diabetes bye the amount of eggs that said person consumes. Just one single egg a week increased the risk for diabetes by 76%. Something to think about is also how safe eggs are(not). The USDA has a strict rule for eggs, that the egg industry is not aloud to print false or misleading promises about eggs. There basically not aloud to lie to the people, they just have to manipulate there words and adverts. Did you know the USDA will not allow printing of words like "Healthy" "weight loss" "nutritious" they cant even deem eggs as "SAFE" in there advertisement's. Please take a look at the emails below, exchanged between the USDA and an egg company trying to run an ad for there eggs.

 A study showing different ways eggs effect our health

 Now I'm going to leave you with a video that goes over a lot of what I just touched on - the health factors, and then another one aimed to show you why chickens are mistreated in the egg industry.



The images you are about to witness are extremely GRAPHIC and are important to show those of you who do not care to see the above video, what really happens behind closed doors.


I touched on this subject in my intro. To save time, I would love for you all to watch the video below, this video touched my heart and I hope it does the same for you.  "Be the change you wish to see in the world."



Q: Where do vegans get there protein?!??!

A: Proteins come from a ton of vegan foods. Like beans, lentils, bread, peanut butter ect. Here's a list of protein packed vegan foods from

  • Watercress 84%, Mushrooms 56%, Spinach 50%, Sprouts 35+
  • Q: But what about calcium? Iron??

    A: Here are 25 vegan foods sources of calcium as depicted by

    1. Kale (1 cup contains 180 mg)
    2. Collard Greens (1 cup contains over 350 mg)
    3. Blackstrap Molasses (2 tablespoons contains 400 mg)
    4. Tempeh (1 cup contains 215 mg)
    5. Turnip Greens (1 cup contains 250 mg)
    6. Fortified non-dairy milk (1 cup contains 200-300 mg)
    7. Hemp milk (1 cup contains 460 mg)
    8. Fortified orange juice (1 cup contains 300 mg)
    9. Tahini (2 tablespoons contains 130 mg)
    10. Almond butter (2 tablespoons contains 85 mg)
    11. Great northern beans (1 cup contains 120 mg)
    12. Soybeans (1 cup contains 175 mg)
    13. Broccoli (1 cup contains 95 mg)
    14. Raw fennel (1 medium bulb contains 115 mg)
    15. Blackberries (1 cup contains 40 mg)
    16. Black Currants (1 cup contains 62 mg)
    17. Oranges (1 orange contains between 50 and 60 mg)
    18. Dried apricots (1/2 cup contains 35 mg)
    19. Figs (1/2 cup contains 120 mg)
    20. Dates (1/2 cup contains 35 mg)
    21. Artichoke (1 medium artichoke contains 55 mg)
    22. Roasted sesame seeds (1 oz. contains 35 mg)
    23. Adzuki beans (1 cup contains 65 mg)
    24. Navy beans (1 cup contains 125 mg)
    25. Amaranth (1 cup contains 275 mg)

    Iron - Dried beans and dark green leafy vegetables are especially good sources of iron, even better on a per calorie basis than meat. Iron absorption is increased markedly by eating foods containing vitamin C along with foods containing iron. Vegetarians do not have a higher incidence of iron deficiency than do meat eaters -

    Q: Why are eggs so bad? I don't understand?

    A: I get asked this question a lot, so refer to the egg section above.

    Q: I am vegetarian, isn't that enough?

    A: Here's the thing, I always thought it was enough. But you have to realize that dairy and eggs are just as bad for you as meat. If your a vegetarian and are so for ethical reasons check out the videos above to see how the industries are all connected. The dairy industry, is the veal industry, is the beef industry. However if you souly cannot make the vegan switch, then I still thank you for all the lives you have saved by cutting out meat. <3

    Q: I love animals, but could never stop eating meat.. that doesn't mean I am bad person!!!

    A: No, of course not. Not a bad person, just and under educated one on a subject hardly touched on. Its not your fault. I went almost 19 years in the dark about what I was consuming. Most people have compassion for animals, it just takes time to make the connection on a emotional level to recognize that what you are consuming for dinner, you are also going to the petting zoo to pet.

    Q: So what can you eat?!? Like do you just eat fruit and vegetables?

    A : All you have to do is google "Vegan recipes" and thousands of options will come up. I have learned how to be a much better cook because of it. Everything from pizza to pancakes can be vegan-ized! But incase you wanted some "normal" foods, here's some you may not have known were vegan


    A: Here is the thing, I truly believe it is natural for some species to eat meat just not humans. Look at us vs a lion. A lion can go out and hunt down a zebra. They can kill and eat it with in minutes. Its unlike what we as humans do. Even if we had the tools to kill and dismember a animal, we couldn't just eat it in its entirety like a lion could. We have to cook our meat, other wise we would get very sick. But lions? They don't have to cook meat, why? Because there body can break it down naturally unlike humans. Also look at what we have. Our tools if you will. We have small nails, and flat teeth all of which real "Meat Eaters" don't have. Something to think about.

    We have come to an end.

    I would just like to say thank you to any of you whom chose to read this article in its entirety. I genuinely appreciate it. I have sat here typing and researching for a little over five hours now, all in the hopes that maybe just maybe some of you will read this and change your thoughts on this subject. Forgive me if this ending is a little sappy but it is one in the morning as I write this, and I cant help but feel like I was given this platform to speak my mind for a reason. I have started to realize my words may have effect or persuasion on you, my readers. If they didn't I don't think I would have an email box filled with companies that want to have me endorse there products. So for this reason, I wanted to talk, enlighten and educate you all on this really important subject. I figured what is the point of having multi thousands of views per month on here, and over 6 thousand followers on instagram if I don't use my words for good. I hope you looked into your heart and made the connection whilst reading this, and I hope that we can all do a little good in the world. If you have decided to become one of the 9.5 million Americans that are vegan, on behalf of the small three percent I commend you. Thank you for taking your precious time to read this article. xx

    -Love Savvy


  • Kidney Beans 58%, Navy Beans 37%, Soybeans 35%
  • Wheat Germ 26%, Rye 18%, Oatmeal 17%, Peanuts 18%
  • Pumpkin Seeds 18%, Sunflower Seeds 16%, Cantaloupes 10%, Peaches 9%, Oranges 8%

  • Travelers Guide - Where to go, stay, and see in New Orleans, LA + Mobile, AL

    Hey everyone!

    So today I am doing something a little different from what I normally post on here. I really wanted to start sharing my travels with you guys and also share some of my favorite places that you just have to see when your traveling. Now I think I want to make this into a little series, where I will share all of my travels with you guys right after I go somewhere new. If you like this idea be sure to comment below and let me know if you want me to continue this series! Today we are spotlighting two cities. New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama. Two cities that I just adventured in last week.

    Mobile, Alabama

    First thing to do in Mobile -

    Discover the city! Mobile is one of those beautiful old school southern cities that has amazing architecture, with sky scrapers intertwined with old beautiful buildings.

    Key Places to see -

    St. Joseph street ( the main stretch of down town )

    Bienville Park Off of Dauphin street ( Beautiful park with very picturesque fountain )

    Where to stay :

    So I stayed right downtown at the

    The hotel was dead center in the city and our room had a massive balcony with the greatest view. The hotel was practically brand new and I would highly recommend to anyone going to Mobile.

    Where to eat -

    The best place to eat when in town is at the Wintzell's Oyster House. This restaurant is a complete institution that has been in business since 1938 and has great food & atmosphere.

    The second picture is at our hotel, breakfast with a view.

    Third is spot of tea a cute little breakfast place in downtown

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    First thing to do -

    Take a cab ride / trolley / drive through the French quarter - you can see a ton of landmarks like the French market, café Du Monde, and Bourbon street all within a few blocks of each other

    Key places to see -

    New Orleans River Walk

    Café Du Monde

    Bourbon Street

    Aquarium of the Americas

    French Market

    Jackson Square

    The National WWII Museum

    Garden District

    The French Quarter

    Central Grocery ( home of muffaletta )

    The last shot gun houses off of Bourbon street

    Above ground cemeteries

    Via lobos rescue center

    Where to stay -

    I stayed at the Marriot in the warehouse district -

    Beautiful hotel, we had a huge two bedroom suite with a kitchen and dinning / room. This hotel is really unique because its actually a old converted warehouse, located right by the cruise terminal and convention center.

    Where to eat -

    Café Du Monde - Beignets and Coffee

    800 Decatur Street 70116 New Orleans
    (504) 525-4544

    Café Madeline - French café / Garden District
    601 S. Carrollton Ave.
    New Orleans, LA 70118 [Map It]
    (504) 861-8662

    Camellia Grill - All American - Garden District / Uptown

    626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 ·
    West Carrollton
    (504) 309-2679 ·
    Hope you all enjoyed this simple little travel guide! Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in seeing one of these for more trips ( ill be traveling a lot in the upcoming months ) xoxo
    -Love Savvy

    Cooking Chronicles - Watermelon Bruschetta

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to do a little something different today on here so.... I headed to the kitchen! Something obviously different for me lol. I'm blaming this post souly on the fact that its been pouring buckets outside here in Florida, for like a week. Most of the roads are flooded and I wouldn't want to over work my windshield I've been staying in! This lead me to such boredom that I actually decided to walk into my kitchen and make a real recipe. SHOCK. I always get so excited to make something, and then half way through I realize I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and am on Google searching up what "mince" or "julienne"  means. But today I made (tried to at least) a perfect summer treat! Watermelon Bruschetta ☼ So I figured I would share this refreshing snack with all of you guys! Lets get into the recipe -

    Here's What you will need -

    Watermelon - 2 Cups
    Feta Cheese - 1 Cup
    Garlic - 1 Clove
    Balsamic Vinegar - 4 Teaspoons
    Olive Oil - 2 Tablespoons
    Fresh Mint - 2 Tablespoons
    1 Large Baguette

    Here's How You Make It -

    First Dice up 2 cups of watermelon into small cubes.

    Next dice up 1 cup of Feta Cheese. For this I used a block of feta and cut it up that way, however you pre crumbled feta will do just fine (plus less work.)

    Next Mince two tablespoons of fresh mint. In the original recipe (linked below) it also called for two tablespoons of chives as well, but I didn't have any so I just skipped that step. If you wanted to add the chives it calls for two tablespoons of chives - minced.

    Next put the watermelon, feta, mint, all into a bowl. Then add in 4 teaspoons balsamic vinegar.

    Next mix all of the ingredients, and add in a little bit of salt and pepper. Then set this mixture to the side.

    Next pull out your baguette and slice into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Then lay out the slices of bread onto a baking sheet. Then put your oven on "broil."

    Next combine 1 garlic clove & 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil. Then spread the mixture onto each individual piece of bread. Then put the bread in the oven. Now, the oven on broil will toast the bread SUPER quickly so make sure you keep an eye on it. My oven toasted it in around two minutes.

    Now just add your watermelon mixture on top of the bread and volia! I also drizzled a bid of balsamic glaze on top ( a thicker version of the vinegar ) on top for that perfect finishing touch. Such a yummy refreshing twist on bruschetta!

    I have linked where I found the original recipe below.

     This recipe makes about 24 pieces of bruschetta which is perfect for a summer get together. Also make sure if you guys try this out to let me know how you liked it in the bottom comments section! Until next time ...

    -Love Savvy

    Birthday Celebration - M.O.T.D.

    Hey guys! So today I wanted to do my first "lifestyle" type of post! I really want this site to just be a place where I can post anything from makeup, to recipes, to DIY's to sharing my travels and everything in between! So I figured that what better to kick off my "Lifestyle" section, then to tell you guys all about my birthday celebration (And throw In a quick makeup of the day, because I couldn't resist.) You know what's funny, as I'm typing I realized how stupid it is that I'm posting about my birthday when its not actually till next Tuesday... (─‿‿─) But whatevaa! So this year I spent my birthday celebrating with six of my closest friends at the coolest rooftop restaurant here in Tampa. Its called Armani's at the rooftop of the Grand Hyatt and I would highly recommend! I'm going to leave some pics below, which show how stunning that view was! On another note.. I cant believe I'm turning 19 on June 30th. ♋ I feel like this past year flew by so quickly, and that's slightly terrifying. 19 is also kinda of a weird age, like is the last year of being a teen and you are somewhere between being an adult to some and a kid to others. But none the less I have a good feeling about 19. Ready to have new adventures and successes! 19 I'm coming for ya.

    scroll down for #MOTD ↓↓↓

    Makeup Of The Day #MOTD

    MOTD- Brows- Anastasia Beverly hills "Dip brow pomade" In dark brown w tinted brow gel in "chocolate" Eyes- MAC "mythology" eye shadow on lid with "naked" pigment in the center Crease - MAC "soft brown" "brown script" "saddle" and "embark" Inglot gel liner "77" lashes are ardell Face- benefit porefessional primer, Maybelline "Matte and poreless" Foundation Tarte "Maracuja creaseless concealer (fairly light neutral) Anastasia contour & highlight palate Lips- Mac whirl lip pencil, and Kat von D Lolita liquid everlasting lipstick. Set with Mario Badescu Facial rose water spray.

    ** side note: please disregard the terrible lighting, you'd think that the top of a building would have the best lighting but alas... **

    -Love Savvy

    The All about me Tag:

    Hey Lovelies! So today I thought I would to a random blog post to let you guys know a little bit more about me! So here is the "All about me tag!"

    1. Do you have a middle name?
    Yes I do and its Jane.

    2. What was your favorite subject in school?
    I didn't really have a favorite subject in school, I really only liked my more artistic classes like musical theater, drama, and dance.

    3. What's your favorite drink?
    Teaaaaa for sure:)

    4. What is your favorite song at the moment?
    All time favorite song is "You Go To My Head" by Billie Holiday

    5. One beauty product you cant live without?
    Lip liner!

    6. Do you participate in any sports?
    When I was younger I was really heavily into competitive horseback riding, and dance.

    7. Favorite book?
    How to be lovely - Melissa Hellstern

    8. Favorite color?
    Light Pink.

    9. Favorite animal?
    Penguins, monkeys, puppies.

    10. Favorite perfume?
    Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel  

    11. Favorite holiday?
    My favorite holiday is Halloween!

    12. Whats your favorite season?
    Fall / Winter definitely

    13. Have you ever been out of the country? If so how many times?
    Yes, many times actually!

    14. Do you speak any other language?
    Ich kann nicht sprechen Deutsch, aber ich versuche ;)

    15. How many siblings do you have?
    Im the oldest, I have a little brother and a little sister

    16. What is your favorite store?

    17. Favorite restaurant?
    Its a small restaurant near my second home in Maine, called Salt Bay

    18. Any Pets?
    To many to count honestly

    19. Favorite YouTuber?
    Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, Tyme the infamous, Amy Macedo, Jenna Marbles, lots more but that's all I can think of atm..

    20. Favorite movie?
    Sabrina - Audrey Hepburn

    21. Favorite TV show?

    22. PC or Mac?

    23. What kind of phone do you have?
    I have the iPhone 6 in Gold.

    24. How tall are you?

    Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me, feel free to copy the questions and answer them on your blog! Also ill have a new beauty post up on Friday!

    -Love Savvy

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