Thursday, April 4, 2019

Testing Summer Fridays Masks - Worth the hype?

Hey Babes!

Welcome back to my blog! I know I have been a little bit inconsistent over here, but thats about to change! Its almost summer time and for some reason that has me super motivated to create blog posts? Not sure why lol, but on the real I am super sorry for the lack of posts. Ive been in the process of an entire brand makeover and with that has come a lot of trying to figure out which way I want to take my content. As most of you know, the vast majority of beauty influencers have all been posting about how were burnt out of beauty content. Me included. Ive been in the beauty community for four years now and started to feel like I couldn't create any more beauty content. But I'm back, and ready to create not only beauty content, but content of all kinds! Ive been sharing my adventures, month long road trips, recipes, and just over all lifestyle content with you guys for a while now, but be ready to really start getting it! I'm super excited to transform Dollhaus Beauty into a mecca for all! I'm no longer going to be pressured to produce one kind of content! Im ready to produce any thing and all things ME! Thank you guys for always sticking by me and still reading, even when I am inconsistent! Love you! 

Any ways enough updates, today I wanted to review a few masks that have recently been taking over the Instagram scene. I see these bad boys everywhere, so I figured its about time we see if they are worth the hype! 

Today we are talking about the ever popular "Summer Fridays" masks! Which come on... I wish I had thought of a name that good!! Any ways these masks were co founded by one of my blogging inspo's @Marianna_hewitt. Which is actually how I originally found out about these, ever so aesthetically pleasing masks! 

I believe it all started with the Jet Lag mask! This little baby blue bottle is sort of the icon of the brand, and recently fellow Tampa vlogger, @nicoleguerriero posted that she actually uses this mask as a moisturizer before bed! Which you know I had to try out for myself!

- Jet Lag Mask - 
as described from

For me this mask is essentially a moisturizer + a mask combined its seriously hydrating and would actually be perfect to use on a... summer friday! lol It completely smooths my skin and hydrates it beautifully. It also is great as a sleeping mask, its not super heavy so you don't wake up feeling gross, or like you have moisturizer all over you lol! 

- R + R Mask - 
as described from


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