Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Hey Dolls!

Today I am sharing with you my third ever Youtube Video! Im so excited, eeeek!!! You guys know I don't post on Youtube all that often ( considering I've only made three videos in a yr) lolll but Im really loving using the platform to become almost an extension of my blog and instagram. For years I have shared my favorite images via my instagram account, & now sharing live video has become such a fun extension to that sharing.

Also you guys may have noticed a little bit of a change in my content via IG. Thats because I started this new sort of saying "beauty and adventure." Thats kind of a weird mix I know but that really is the epitome of my content, beauty and adventure. So while things may look a little different over there right now, I promise I will have more beauty content up soon!

In the meantime though here is my newest installment of my "Visuals" series, I call this one "No Service." Come with me to see all of the beautiful places I saw while I was away for a month this summer. xoxoxo

Click Below To Watch!


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