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The Chicest Bag - Teddy Blake Review

Hey Dolls!

Today I am back at it again with guessed it! A Teddy Blake New York handbag review! So if you are new to my blog you may not know but I have actually done two previous reviews for Teddy Blake. Both of which were for a specific bag called the "Caty Bag." Which holds a similar structure and design to an Hermes bag...You know the one. Yes these bags are seriously good dupes for Hermes Birkin's and Kelly's.

However times have changed and I actually am the new owner of an actual Hermes 35 Orange Birkin :') Yes, yes yes that reveal will be coming soon because like OMG. 

But for now I want to introduce to you a crazy "designer dupe." If you will. Now when I say "dupe" in NO way am I talking about a fake bag, no no no no and nooo. 

Teddy Blake makes there own line of similar but not exact handbags that just happen to have similar structure to the Hermes ones. However like I said Teddy Blake is there own brand and actually have been making bags in Italy since 1958!

So lets talk specs about the bag. This bag first and foremost is called the "Eva bag." Basically I wanted to try out something a little bit different from the normal bags that I have from Teddy Blake, which are called the "Caty bag." 

Now when I went in to chose a color I knew I wanted something different. I am more of a neutral girl personally, however I have a few colors that I adore in handbags. Usually red, orange, pink, or burgundy. Which by the way... could you imagine this bag in burgundy??? IT WOULD BE TO DIE FOR!! 

But for me right now I knew I wanted a neutral shade but one that I didn't already have in my collection, and since I seem to posses like 30 black handbags now, I chose not to go with that one. 

Thats when I kinda realized, I don't actually own any grey handbags!? So this one which is called "Etaupe" and its a dark grey shade. Not a really blue based grey though, and not to warm of a grey either, id say its a true neutral dark grey. 

Now one to the hard wear. So I picked out gold hard wear, because I did think this bag was going to pull a little more warm in color than it does, looking back and just being brutally honest here... Im not the biggest fan of this combo. I don't think the gold hard wear looks bad, it just looks a little off, And I think thats just because the bag is such neutral cool tone grey. So it doesn't 100% fit the color. 

Definitely next time I would pick silver. But none the less I do think this bag is over all really cute. Just personally I wish I was smarter with the hard wear choice. 

Any ways - heres a little bit of more information about the bag. 

  • Made In Italy

  •  Etaupe Stampato 

  •  Soft pebbled leather with matching trim

  •  Suede interior

  •  Gold toned hardware

Also a super cute detail is that it comes with a set of keys and a lock, in the matching hardwear color! I really think this adds such a cute detail to this bag!

It also comes with a long clip on strap in corresponding bag color, so that you can turn your bag into a crossbody / shoulder bag at any time. This is a feature that I love. Especially if you take this bag shopping or to the grocery store or just some time and place when your hands might be full and you just want to sling your bag on your shoulder. This also keeps it from getting to heavy when you hold it, because once your arms get tired you can just turn it into a cross body!

Now the inside is a suede in a lighter grey color. This is awesome because its not to dark of a color, which actually means...If your looking through your purse at night, everything not going to get lost in the bottom. Because its made out of a lighter color it will be easier to see all your stuffffff.

Heres a few more details in case I missed any :) 

  •  Small to Medium

  •  8.3"h x 4.7"w x 11"l

  •  drop length: 3" handle

  •  50" removable  shoulder strap

  •  Central compartment satchel with toggle top closure

  •  Interior side zip and double slide pockets

  •  Lock and key included

  •  Signature dust bag included

  •  Style # 4852

  •  Color code # grey15

Also you can wear the bag locked like the first pictures show, or you can leave it open like the pic above! The handle holds the bags structure so you can totally wear it open and it wont open up to wide or vere forward at all!

Last but not least, lets talk price!

This bag costs $599 for this style, color and size. However if you buy right now you can get a killer deal on it! As its currently on sale for only $419! Which is such a steal for a bag of this quality.

I sincerely hope you guys look into Teddy Blake as they have always been such an amazing supporter of me and this blog, so I hope I covered all the details and thank you guys so much for reading! Below is the direct link to purchase this bag in the same color and size that I have mine in!

Also dont forget to check out my other two reviews on Teddy Blake bags below! xoxo


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