Sunday, June 3, 2018

Top Beauty Sponges + Direct links to buy!

Hey dolls!

So first off, hey guys! I know its been a minute but I'm actually currently on day two of another month long trip! Im currently on the road from Nashville to Kansas City! So stay tune for a new youtube video coming soon! Im so excited to share this trip with you all! Also Im highlighting my whole trip on my IG stories so come say hi, @officialsavvyj.

So as you guys know its kinda hard to create blog content when your away, since I don't have a ton of new products with me to post about. But....Today I figured I would post about my top favorite beauty sponges, and what I think they're specifically good for.

Lets get into it, xx.


So lets talk about my favorite beauty sponge ever! This one is by ELF and is literally only $4! Its called the total face sponge and is like a beauty blender with a point. Its so good for a perfect base makeup application and for some reason it gets like squishier than a normal beauty blender. You guys probably have no idea what I'm talking about lol, but for me the best sponges are the ones that get super squishy when you wet them. I feel like thats my main thing when it comes to beauty sponges! Because some blenders are like hard even after wetting them, which makes them hard to use and hard to blend with, if that makes sense. lol 



Next up is the good ole beauty blender. The OG of the beauty sponges if you will. This one goes with out saying. It works beautifully, and if your down to spend twenty bucks for a sponge, this ones for you. I love this sponge and even when I pack all of my sponges and brushes, I still bring my beauty blender, because I know its never gonna let me down! Not to much to say about this one, except everyone needs one in there collection.


3. MORPHE highlight & contour sponge 

Now on to the Morphe Highlight and Contour sponge. This guy is perfect to carve out your cheek bones, and really snatch your contour! I love this one to not only blend out contour, but also to bake the under eyes & to bake perfectly under your contour for a really perfected look. The flat edge really helps blend everything together. 


4. sigma 3dhd blender 

Last but definitely not least is the Sigma 3DHD blender sponge! This one is my absolute fav for applying concealer! It has the tiniest little point and edge thats will give you a perfectly highlighted under eye every time. It really gets into every edge of your eye area, and helps blend out concealer perfectly. It also is perfect for bringing your concealer on to the sides of the nose, to help further your contour. It will definitely help give you the best nose contour ever!



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