Thursday, November 23, 2017

Trying Out Korean Makeup + The Perfect Five in One Product? Ft. SuperFace

Hey guys!

Hope your all having a great day! Actually this going up today ( which is Thanksgiving ) So happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now today I wanted to share with you guys a super interesting new product that I actually originally came across on amazon! This product is called a "Multi Lightful Stick" from one of the top rated Korean brands, "SuperFace."

Now you guys know I love trying out new face products, and something I've always been interested in, is Korean makeup. I really started to learn about Korean culture as well as Korean beauty over the last few years, and I seriously think us Americans could learn a thing or two from Korean beauty techniques. For example, Korean skin care.. will change your life. Trust me. So its only right that there actual makeup products must be amazing to right? Right.

With that being said this brand has really set the bar high for Korean makeup. Superface is actually such a well respected brand, that celebrities and people on film use there products! Hence why each tube says " Studio tested'' on them.

Now on to the actually product. These are self proclaimed the "Magic hour highlighters" because they are supposed to give you that healthy, warming glow, that the sun would give your face during "magic hour''.

But not only are these highlighting sticks, they also have blush, and contour sticks. Today I tried out essentially one shimmer highlight, two cream color blushes, and a shimmery golden pink blush or blush topper.

* The first product is called ''Be You Tiful.'' This color is a true light Champagne colored cream highlighter stick, perfect to highlight your cheek bones, nose, forehead, above your lips, your inner corner of your eyes, everything!

This leads me to the 5 in one claim! This product being a cream color becomes super super versatile. You can use these sticks as blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color, or to shade!

* The second shade is called ''Stay super'' and its the most beautiful warm orangey peachy deeper blush shade, one of my favorites for neutral makeup looks!

* The third one is called ''High Five'' and it is a gorgeous warmer deeper true pink shade. Not to bright, not to pale, just perfect.

* The last shade I have is called ''One and Only'' which is a super unique shade. This one is a true warm pink slightly lighter than the one above yet this one is filled with golden shimmer. Making this a beautiful blush, blush topper, or highlighter on deeper complexions.

Next up I figured id share some swatches so you guys can really see the colors!

From L to R-

One&Only, High Five, Stay Super, Be You Tiful.

As for formula, these guys are super easy to use. They glide on smooth and set down to almost a powder finish. Also something to note is that these are all cream yet when you blend them out they still feel really light weight on the skin!

They also have something called ''elastic silk powder'' which helps control sweat and oil, so these won't break apart on a hot day!

Also wanted to include a shot of me wearing ''Be You Tiful'' as a highlight down my nose, and ''High Five'' as blush so you guys can see how it looks on!

If you guys would like to pick up one of the Superface sticks I will list the link below! Also please be sure to let me know in the comments if you've tried out these products before! Love you xo

The sticks run about $17.99 a piece and can be next day Amazon Prime'd!


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