Thursday, November 2, 2017

Obsessions - New Bling From Mouguet Jewelry - Kylie Jenner Ring Dupe?

Hey Dolls!

Today I wanted to share one of my current obsessions, this new ring I got from a brand called Mouguet. I posted some pictures of the ring when I got it on snapchat - which side note.. you should add me!! @savvy_jarrell - anyways when I posted the pics SO many of you guys asked me about the ring and where you could get one of your own!

So Naturally I thought this post was definitely necessary to tell you guys all about this new bling! 

First off let me just say, this ring is amazing quality! Over the last year I have started to really build up a ring collection and most of the rings are actually of a similar price point.

Owning a lot of rings similar to this one, means I definitely know what to look for when it comes to quality. Everything from how the crystals shine to if the material is high quality, Its pretty apparent when a ring is well made. 

Also the packaging is super stunning with the deep Burgundy and nude bags, and Burgundy and gold padded box.

One huge things with rings and fashion jewelry in general is that it kind of gives itself away. Meaning that even if you spend a ton of money on a ring, you can still tell weather or not its a good material just by wearing it for a few hours. If it turns your skin green, well then you have your answer. 

For me this ring definitely didn't stain my skin, which is great. Its great for one because now I know that the material is substantial, and for two it means that the silver is less likely to tarnish and turn into that odd coppery color that fashion jewelry has a tendency to turn. 

As for what material the ring is made of, I'm pretty sure on the site it said that it was made of " The highest standards in Rhodium-Plated metal and circular cubic zirconia gemstones!' 

The ring is silver with the crystal look, and comes with three rings. I typically wear all three together for that stacked look, but you could also wear all three a part giving a "midi" ring look. 

- Description on Site - 


Refined and stylish, this three in one piece accentuates your look. Handmade to the highest standards with rhodium-plated metal and circular cubic zirconia gemstones. Perfect for daily use.

ALSO something Brought to my attention via snap chat is that it actually sort of resembles a ring that Kylie Jenner actually owns. Now while I'm sure hers is in the multi thousands range, this beauty is actually only $61.00! 

However if you want you guys can use my code "savvyj10"for a 10% off coupon! Making the ring only $54.90

So as you can see this ring actually does look lot like the three on Kylie's hand, just a little smaller. 

Thats about it guys! I love you all so much and be sure to check out the link to the ring below! Hope you enjoyed todays posts, and be sure to let me know what your favorite piece from Mouguet is!

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