Monday, October 16, 2017

Review + Breakdown - Teddy Blake - Luxury Italian Made Handbags!

Hello There Dolls!

Today's post is going to be all about my new luxury handbag from Teddy Blake NYC! 

I recently picked up this bag in the most beautiful red color, that really adds a pop to my fall wardrobe! When I went to pick out which bag I wanted from the brand of course my first instinct was to get a neutral. To go for a taupe, or a black but instead I went for this super fun pop of classic color. This bag is literally a bright beautiful red and all though I was super nervous that it wasn't going to go with anything in my wardrobe, it actually pairs well with so much. 

Not only is this bags color so unique but the whole bag in itself is so different! Of course your probably looking at the bag thinking that it looks super familiar, and you'd be right. It has a very similar structure to one of the most famous, most luxurious bags ever to hit the market. The Hermes, Birkin. Now although the two look similar, this in no way is a knockoff bag. It has many of its own characteristics and is super well made. 

The bags are handmade in Italy and have amazing craftsmanship. The bags have actually been made in Italy since 1958! The bags are super durable and very well stitched. I have no doubts that this bag will last years to come. 

Now to the specs of this bag. Once again when I saw this style bag my brain instantly thought, I have to get it in black! But then when I saw this color which is called the "Red on Red" color I was sold. This bag isn't just this stunning red color alone but its also stitched in red. Hence the red on red name. 

The inside of this bag is for one, huge. Even though I got the smaller size. It literally fits everything! Also has a huge pockets inside to hold your phone or money. 

The inside of this bag is a beautiful bright red suede material that fills the whole inside of the bag. 

- Breakdown Of This Bag - 

This specific bag is called the "CATY SAFFIANO BAG."

The bag I got is the 12'' size which is the perfect size for me. Not to big, Not to small. It also comes with a shoulder strap incase the bag gets to heavy, or if you just want to change up the look. 

Mine is again in the "Red on Red" shade and has silver hardware. 

This bag retails for $825 but is currently on sale for $585 USD. 

Shipping is super quick with this bag as it comes from NY, and took only about 3 to 4 days to come! Also was super super wrapped up everything from the hardware to the inside of the bag was super protected during shipping!

So there you have it! All the specs + review on my new favorite bag! If you'd like to purchase this bag or any bags like it just click the link below!

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Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed todays post! xoxo


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