Thursday, October 5, 2017

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe - Worth it or Just another Morphe Palette?

Hey Dolls!

Today I wanted to share with you, probably the most talked about palette of this year! That being the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collaboration on "The Jaclyn Hill" Palette. This palette has been in talks for years and Jaclyn has been hinting at the collab for quite some time!

So naturally when this palette leaked last year, everyone was super super hyped about it. Now all though the palette colors / layout sort of leaked a while ago it wasn't until this summer when the actually announced that the palette was launching.. and when it did... SOLD OUT! Immediately! Now I wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on it during the first go around ( because I was driving through amish country in Ohio lol and service was lacking to say the least ) however I did manage to get it with no problems on I think the third restock.

With that being said I just checked the website (Oct. 5th) and the palette was completely available for you to purchase, so I think they have the means to keep them in stock now!

Now enough about the history of the palette, lets get into what everyone wants to know. Is the palette worth it or is it just another re packaged Morphe palette.

First off if you don't know any thing about Morphe. They were originally a brush company out of California, that turned into a full on makeup line and then rose to success by working heavily with large influencers via affiliate ship. It is common knowledge that many top beauty Youtubers have literally been able to afford luxury cars, solely off of commission from Morphe Product sales.
They originally started selling palette, that in my opinion looked very similar to the black plastic packaged, palettes people would buy off Ebay from China. Now luckily for them, while that might be what there packaging looked like they seemed to have there own custom formula so the shadows weren't that off the generic ones. Making people come back for more.

While Morphe has started to branch away from the old packaging, they still sell alot of there palettes in that generic black plastic form, which to me was never appealing. Meaning that I honestly only started trying Morphe last year, when they started creating different products and palettes.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette, is a packaging that Morphe has definitely never done before. Toting Silver and white glam packaging, the Jaclyn Hill Palette certainly gets an A+ for esthetics.

Now lets get into color / pigmentation, AKA the stuff that really matters when talking about an eyeshadow palette. First off, its a stunning mixture of shades. From warm browns, to teals, to deep emeralds this palette is extremely versatile. Pat on the back to Jaclyn for that. She talked about wanting this palette to be sort of your go to for all your looks and I think they nailed it.

The only thing I will say about this palette and Morphe palettes in general is that some of the shades are almost to similar to matter. For instance when you blend out a dark brown, it stays generally a dark brown. I don't think there is a need for four different dark shades that are maybe only half a shade in difference. I think for that and the warm lighter toned browns they could / could always with there palettes and more variation of color.

Other wise, besides that ( which I do understand why there is so many different tones. I have the artist eye just like jaclyn where you feel like you can see tones of difference in each tone, but normal consumers.. don't, and would probably rather have a few extra colors rather than super similar colors repeated. ) I do think this palette is great! Morphe shadows blend out super buttery and light ( I mean that in that they blend out with out a lot of work ) and the shimmers are greatly pigmented. 

Thats also something maybe we should talk about. Pigment. Pigments are great and its great to see how things swatch but don't judge a color off of a swatch, mattes aren't supposed to be extremely pigmented other wise they will be super hard to blend out on the eyes and tend to go patchy. So just remember that!

- Swatches - 

A few Shimmers 

A Few Mattes 

A Few Colorful Shadows 


So I think thats about it! I do wish that the shades had names underneath, but they only come on a clear slip cover and unfortunately as you might have guessed, I have lost mine. :/ 

Any ways this palette retails for $38.00 on 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post & let me know if you have Jaclyn Hill Palette! Love you guys, see ya soon! xoxo 

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