Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Obsessions - Colored Contacts FT. Vision Marketplace

Hey Dolls!

Today I thought I'd share some details about one of my currents favorites, colored contacts! I've never been a fan of wearing contacts until this year when I finally got the hang of putting in and taking out contacts! There certainly not an easy thing to master, when you've never had to wear them so it definitely took me a while to adjust. However once I did, these things became so addicting! They really change up a look and make for such a fun little change!

Today the contacts that ill be talking about are the "Solotica" contact lens brand that I have tried from a website called Vision MarketPlace. They sell a ton of contact lenses, colored and persciption (if you need that.)

They currently sell five different brands of contacts on there website, however the only kind I have tried are the amazing "Solotica" brand. These are some of the best contacts on the market and when you start doing research on colored lenses, your quick to find that Solotica are the preferred brand. They are the brand that most celeb's and instagramers use to get there colored lens looks!

For me this is my second time trying out Solotica lenses, as I had a pair last year that got lost in my move. But to be honest I wasn't even mad about losing the first pair once I tried out the second pair I picked up!

So the color of these new ones that I got are called "Solotica - hidrocor - in shade Quartzo." Long name I know, lol. But these are the perfect in between shade of green and blue with a hint of grey. There so so so beautiful and versatile! They also are really pigmented as I have a brown eyes, and they really cover them up with out looking any darker.

Also the reason I've always gone for Hidrocor is because they don't have the ring around the outside of the contacts. Now I like that ring for some looks, however with the hidrocor's the lack of ring, makes them look insanely cool! They almost make your eyes look a little hazy and smoldering if you will, lol. I love the look!

I think thats it guys! If you'd like to check out these contacts and or any other colored contacts I HIGHLY recommend you to check out Vision Market Place, to pick up your own pair!

   If you want to get the same contacts that I have      click here - 

These contacts retail for US $72.85  so they are a little pricey, but thats actually such a good deal for colored contacts that will last for a year or so! Also you can get your prescription into any of there lenses! 

Thats it guys! I hope you enjoyed todays post and let me know what color contacts I should try out next!

ALSO ill be in NYC this week for Generation Beauty with IPSY! So come say Hi if you see me!! xoxo <3 p="">

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