Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Best Palette Of The Summer & Its Only $16?!?!? + Colourpop - Yes Please Palette

Hey babes!

Today I wanted to show some Swatches of the new Colourpop palette called the "Yes, Please" palette. This palette is so so so good, and is one of the most affordable palettes I've ever come across. This palette screams summer, filled with some of the most pigmented - trendiest shades.

So before we get into the swatches lets go into a little bit into this palette. First off the palette comes with 12 shades in a cute cardboard style packaging, with the words "cute af" on the front. Now that is probably like the only thing I don't really like about the palette. Not because I don't like the packaging, but for some reason they call this palette the "Yes, Please" palette but it doesn't have that name anywhere on the palette except on the back. Which I feel like can be a little confusing for people because its like two palette names in one.

Besides that this palette is so so good. Like so goooood. Its extremely pigmented, extremely blendable, and amazing quality.

The palette retails for only $16 USD!! THATS INSANE! In a time where most palettes are $50+ for around the same amount of product, its kind of crazy that colourpop can make this one so affordable!

- Swatches - 

1. Full Zip 
Mid tone bone shade

2. Big Cocktails 
Dark Orange warm shade

3. Champs 
Pale Melon shade 

4. Bling 
Burgandy shimmer 

Row Two 

5. Louie 
Rosie Gold 

6. Butter Cake
Intense Shimmer 
Pale Gold 

7. Spoiled 
True red 

8. GNO 
Warm toned - orangey brown

Row Three 

9. Mischief 
Vibrant Yellow

10. Note to self 
Cool toned brown

11. Chauffeur 
Yellow Gold 

12. French Kiss
Deep coffee brown

So thats it for today, hope you guys enjoyed! xo

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