Thursday, May 25, 2017

Worth it? Nicole Guerriero X Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit + SWATCHES

Hey Dolls!

Today we are talking the ever popular Nicole Guerriero X ABH Glow kit that everyone and there mothers have been talking about! As a fellow Tampa resident, I knew right away I needed to support my girl Nicole and get this palette no matter what! I picked it up off the ABH website the day it launched, and I've been in love ever since. Also mind that this glow kit is a Sephora / ABH website exclusive so your not going to be able to pick it up at your local Ulta. 

First thing I noticed with this glow kit is the versatility of the kit. It comes with six shades which pretty much covers all of the colors of highlighter you might ever need. It also comes with a few fun shades that I knew I needed in my collection. One of the colors is a peachy - orange shade that I love because its so unique. 

Another interesting color in the kit is the white shade that has a blue - purple switch to it. Along side of the versatility this kit really can work for any and everyone - no matter the skin tone. These shades mix together super super well. So if your darker in completion you can mix some of the lighter shades that may not work with your skin tone, and add them to a color like 143. 

If your pale you can mix some of the darker more gold shades with the color Forever Lit, to lighten it up and make every color work for your skin tone. 

The Glow kit comes with six shades - that range from pale to bronze. 

The texture of these highlighters are very metalized / metallic. They really look like skin and not like a powdery highlight. Some shades have a little bit of glitter and some like Forever Lit have a irredesent finish.

- Shade Breakdown - 

Forever Lit - White with blue / purple reflect switch 

Kitty Kat - Pink ish highlight second lightest shade 

Glo Getter - Champagne Gold 

Forever young - Very very unique mauve / taupe / pink shade 

143 - The darkest shade - a  true gold bronze 

Daydream -  Orange - Peach 

- Swatches - 

From L to R - 143 - Day Dream - Glo Getter - Forever Young - Kitty Kat - Forever Lit 

Where to buy -

Price - 40$

So thats it for todays post guys! Let me know what your favorite glow kit from ABH is, and follow me on Instagram for more daily posts! xxx

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