Monday, April 10, 2017

Worth It? - Tarte Unicorn Brushes

Hey babes! 

Its finally the season for glitter, sparkle, color, and unicorns? Ya Unicorns. Festival season / spring is definitely the time for brands to come out with super fun products, and Tarte has kicked off this spring with some super fun products! Including this extremely talked about "Unicorn Brushes." 

This brush set by Tarte actually goes by the name of "The Magic Wands Brush set." However I think we can all agree that these stunning brushes look exactly like unicorn horns! So cute ;) 

- The Set - 
This limited edition brush set comes in a pack of five different tools. The brush handles are super duper long making them super easy to use. Each brush comes in a different fun shade from bright pink to mint green. The wands or "horns" as we could say come in a true golden shade. 

Also this brush set is made up of Vegan friendly fibers - which you know this lil vegan loves ;) 

- The Brushes - 

The set comes with five brushes total. 

Description off of the website - 

  • magenta contour brush: dense, flat bristles create a perfectly controlled contour, strobe or highlight or you can use it with the spellbound glow rainbow highlighter for a prismatic rainbow glow
  • pink powder brush: applies just the right amount of foundation or finishing powder for an airbrushed look 
  • green blending eyeshadow brush: fluffy shadow brush defines the crease while blending out harsh lines
  • blue shading eyeshadow brush: flat shading brush packs on base shadows & softens around the crease
  • purple liquid foundation brush: dense, fluffy bristles pick up & apply cream or liquid foundations & primers

- Is it worth it? - 

Now comes the age old question...Is it worth it? Well if you love Insta - ready brush set's then yes! Its super super cute and functional, but more so marketed at either people who love the niche concept of them being super fun unicorn brushes OR to people who don't need a lot of brushes. I wouldn't say that this going to be the only brush set any one will ever need because there is only 5 brushes, however the 5 brushes are super nice quality and def will work to do a makeup look. 

So all in all YES I do think this brush set is worth it for $39 because they are super cute and niche, they are limited edition, and they are from Tarte. 

- Where to Buy - 

Thats it babes! Hope you enjoyed and be sure to let me know if you got your hands on this brush set, and if you love it! 


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