Monday, April 24, 2017

Ruby Signature Brushes - My Favorite Brush Set?

Hey Babes!

After I posted a few pics on snapchat and insta - stories so many of you asked me to talk about these beautiful brushes from the brand Ruby Signature!! Im super excited to see that you guys wanted to hear more about these brushes because literally the second I got this brush set in the mail I knew they'd be a favorite of mine!! There white with gold handles ( which I mean hello aesthetic lol ) and come with eight brushes.

Now recently I review the unicorn brushes and I told you all that they were a cute concept but they didn't have the best versatility when it came to style of brushes that you might need to do a full face of makeup. However with this set it really gives you all the tools to do a full face application (note this is a face set so there isn't eye brushes, however it does come with a lip brush as a bonus. )

- Brushes - 

1. Finishing powder and bronzer Brush

Large fluffy brush with a slight angle slant to it. Perfect for large application of powder. 

2.  Powder and bronzer Brush

Large round powder brush, perfect for bronzer or light application of blush.

3. Cream powder blush and natural contour.

A smaller round brush my favorite for contouring. 

4. Full coverage powder and liquid

This is the brush I typically use to buff in foundation, and cream products.

5. Full coverage liquid and cream 

This brush is a smaller more dense version of the 04 brush. Perfect for foundation application, or for cream contour / blush. 

6. Face concealer

A traditional paddle brush to apply cream products before you blend them out. 

7. Ultimate contouring

My favorite brush out of the whole set! Perfect for contouring and also to put on your highlighting concealer. 

Bonus brush - Lip brush 

Super cute brush with a little cover. Perfect to mix your lip colors and apply. 

- Brush Details - 

Snow Golden Collection 2017
Bristle: Taklon Fibre
100% Cruelty Free
Price - $200.00AUD or $150+USD

- Where to Purchase - 

So there you have it guys! I wanted to share all the details with you all on this stunning brush set! All in all, these brushes are beautiful, cruelty free, don't shed, and are amazing quality. Which is why I really think this is my favorite brush set that I've tried! If you guys want to try them out, check out all the links below! I love you guys and hope you have a great weekend <3 p="" xx="">



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