Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Testing Out A Real Korean Compact Foundation - Ft. Age 20 Sensation

Hey Dolls,

Today we are testing out a type of product that I've been dying to try out forever! Real Korean compact foundation! Now I'm sure a lot of you know / have tried out some the more Americanized compact foundations that are based off of the Korean Beauty trend of compact or cushion foundations. But they all lack one of the most key ingredients to Korean Beauty and that is SKINCARE! Which is such a huge factor into making you makeup look its absolute best.

So that's when I decided I needed to get my hands on a real one of these compact foundation that actually has tones of skin benefits, and isn't just a foundation. Thats when I came across a brand called Age 20 Sensation that makes a product called the "Essence Cover Pact.''

Now when I had gotten in touch with the brand and they decided to send me one over to test out for you guys... I was a little confused. I was wondering if It was going to be a cushion foundation ( something we see a lot these days ) or if it was going to be a solid cream. When I got it I quickly realized that its unlike the other foundation compacts I have and is definitely not a cushion, which I personally like because I feel like the sponge inside cushion foundations just isn't very sanitary. So with this one I was excited to see that it was a solid foundation, with the same applicator as typical cushion foundations.  ( which I really like )

Next when I opened it up I was so stunned by how beautiful the design of the outer packaging and the actual product itself is. They have come up with a "latte blending method,'' which mixes the skincare with the foundation in the prettiest way. This also is said to contain what they call "Jewel Powder" that is supposed to be a mixture of ruby, pearl, rona flair, and diamond.

Lets talk about the actual testing and how this guy works. So probably the most intriguing part of the claims on this foundation to me was that it actually is supposed to be made up of 68% moisture essence and out of that 68%, 80% is actually made up of something called hyaluronic acid. Which if you have read my skin care routine you'd know I absolutely swear by hyaluronic acid as it seriously has changed my skin for the better. Now what Hyaluronic Acid is is a moisture that holds 1000 times of its own weight in moisture. So basically it is extremely hydrating and being that I have dry skin, I absolutely love it!

Continuing on with skincare benefits of this compact, it also has a Matrixyl a peptide ingredient and aqua herb in it that give a brighting effect to the skin. To which in term is supposed to help "whiten" the skin or lighten the skin from sunspots / discoloration. 

With there being this many skincare claims, its hard to remember that this is still in fact a foundation and has to go through all of my tests when I'm looking for a good foundation. 

Lets talk about wear and cover - 

When It comes down to applying this foundation I seriously recommend using the little sponge it comes with and use a dabbing motion like you would a cushion foundation. This presses product into the skin and helps give you a beautiful even cover. It also works best if your swirl the foundation around before hand to get the skincare to mix with the pigment. 

This product applies super nicely as a cream and gave me medium to full coverage. Its definitely build able and surprisingly feels super light on the face. Also I noticed that it almost sets itself. I know that one of the claims is that it helps control sebum ( oil ) so maybe thats why but it really sets itself down to a light finish. 

It also gives a slight glow to the skin, but doesn't look dewy on my skin. The color is also perfect for medium - neutral skin tones like me. I was extremely nervous that it was going to be to pink ( since its called ''Pink Beige'' but it is actually very olive / neutral based which is great and also hard to find for me because everything seems to be to yellow or too pink on me. 

Now lets talk price and where you can get it. 

This compact is actually two in one, as it comes with a free refill pan ( the one I used to take pictures with so it would look untouched ) which is a great deal! 

Retail price of this compact - technically two compacts actually - is $33.99 on either there website or on amazon. Also if you order from amazon you get the perks of prime, so you can get it in two days. 

Unrelated but amazon prime is my favorite thing of life lol 

Any ways if you guys want to read up on even more of the claims that this foundation has on it, you can check out the link below. But if not here is my little re cap.

Coverage - medium x full 
Price - mid range $$ 
Color - Neutral 
Long wear - yes 
Works on dry skin - yes 
Sinks into pores / fine lines - no 
Controls oils - yes 
Cooling - yes 

Links to Purchase - 

White Latte 21: http://amzn.to/2lZBsdh White Latte 23: http://amzn.to/2m4BO2r Pink Latte 21: http://amzn.to/2l614pi Pink Latte 23: http://amzn.to/2lhIu98

Check out - @age20sensation for more!



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