Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Swatches - Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks

Hey Dolls, 

Today I wanted to do a little review on the newer Vice Liquid Lipsticks from Urban Decay. Now if you remember, a few months back I did a full review on a ton of the Vice Lipsticks and now we have the same stunning line - just translated into liquid form. Which we all know that I am a mega fan of. I have seemed to just began to prefer liquid lipsticks to traditional stick lipsticks, because they just last a little longer and typically are a little more matte ( which I prefer. ) So when I saw that Urban Decay had added a liquid lipstick into there range I was so so excited to try them out! Today we have six shades to test out, two of which are there "Metallized" formula and the others there "Comfort Matte'' formula. 

- Finishes - 

The two finishes in this collection are "Metallized'' and ''Comfort Matte.'' Just like the traditional Vice lipstick line they offer these different fun finishes. 

The comfort mattes are that typical drying down matte liquid lipsticks that we've all grown to love, while still having a lighter comfortable feel on the lips. 

The metallized liquid lips a lighter mousy formula with glitter in the color. I would suggest these best for lip toppers, to go on top of other lip colors. 

- Colors - 

This range has a variety of about 30 different shades with in the two finishes. Everything from nude to purple. Today I have mainly purply tones, with some warmer shades thrown into the mix. 

CM - Comfort Matte 
ML - Metallized 

1. Disturbed 

- CM 

- A darkened brown - cherry 

2. Trap Queen 

- ML

- A Vibrant with a light amount of gold glitter

3. Flame 

- ML

- A peachy orange light wash of color with tons of golden glitter 

4. WSM

- CM 

- A bright pink mauve 

5. Twitch 

- CM 

- A true pale lavender purple 

6. Crank 

- CM 

- A bright fuchsia purple mix

7. Pandemonium 

- CM 

- A true mid toned purple 

- Price - 

These beauties retail for $18.00 USD and you can purchase them in the Link below

- Swatches - 

From L to Right - 

Pandemonium - Twitch - Crank - WSM - Disturbed - Trap Queen - Flame 

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