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Skin Care For Your Body? Testing Out Kashmere Collection Products From Kim Zolciak Biermann

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The other day I was thinking about skincare, how important it is and how much my skincare routine has grown and evolved since I first started blogging.. Then I had a thought. How can I up my skincare even more? I know there has to be things I haven't tried or should be using that I haven't. As I was thinking this, it hits me! I completely have been neglecting skin care for the body! I mean we all spend so much money on skincare to keep our face looking bright and healthy, but what about our body? How can I use a $100 serum on my face but then only grab a bath and body works vanilla body butter for my skin? All questions that I started to ask while coming to an realization that I need to spend more time looking for great body care products.

Thats when I came across this new line of luxury body care products created by reality T.V. star and mogul Kim Zolciak. Her line has range all of body care products that our created to firm, tone, smooth, and keep looking & feeling healthy.

I have gotten 4 out of the 5 products on her site to test out for you guys today, so lets jump into my thoughts on these!

- First Product - 

Silken Body Polish 

First up on the list is what I would call a ''base'' product. Meaning that this product is going to be used before the other ones to insure your getting the full product potential of all of the others. This is the Kashmere Silken Body Polish, and it does exactly what the name states. This body polish is so so nice and honestly its super rare for me to like body polishes because they normally don't exfoliate as strong as I would like them to and are normally to thin of a sugar to really make a difference in the feeling of your skin. However this one is made up of a thicker exfoliator which takes off the dead skin cells instantly, cutting down time it usually takes to exfoliate.

It also works great to buff away old self tanner that needs to come off the skin or any kind of body makeup that may have not come off with normal body wash.

Also lets talk smell. I don't exactly know what she has put into these products but every single one of them smells so good I can't even stand it. It also is infused with tons of amazing oils so the second you dry off your skin it literally feels like you've already moisturized. Bonus that those same oils are supposed to help diminish cellulite.

 Seriously though I think the next addition to the line needs to me a perfume with the smell of the products bottled up inside. Its really THAT good. ♥‿♥

Description From Site - 

Be a glow-getter and buff your body beautiful, while increasing cellulite-curbing circulation, with this luxurious, "spa-at-home" allover exfoliating body scrub. To help rid skin of dullness and dryness this sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. This natural body scrub is infused with pure cane sugar granules that gently exfoliate and polish your skin to perfection, leaving a silky, head-to-toe, good-to-glow finish. This body scrub is the perfect body-beautifying double agent when paired with Kashmere Luxurious Body Toning Oil.

Price - $39

Where to Purchase - https://www.kashmerekollections.com/collections/products/products/silken-body-polish

- Second Product - 

Kashmere Sunless Tanning Lotion

The next product on the list is the Kashmere Sunless Tanning Lotion. So after you've exfoliated and then dried your skin the next step is to give your skin that sun kissed glow. Since I have explained the reasons why I am always for sunless tanning - since regular tanning ruins your skin, Im always on the market to try out the newest self tanning products.

If you've never used self tanner this one is a great one to try as instead of harsh dark mouses this one is a light, lotion consistency that gives you a build able bronze look. I always recommend using a self tanning mit so you don't tan your hands, & tan at night so your tan can fully develop while you sleep. This way your not moving around which can disrupt the tan from coming out perfectly even.

This tanning lotion actually has anti-aging ivy and seaweed extracts, as well as caffeine to help fight cellulite and Antioxidant-rich vitamins A, B3, and E to perfect your skin underneath the tan. 

Description From Site - 

Say goodbye to one-night tans forever with this pro-grade, skin-smart Sunless Tanning Lotion that gives a luxurious, sun kissed, "just-back-from-Bora-Bora" bronzed beach glow without the damaging, aging effects of harmful UV rays. Infused with skin-friendly vitamins and cellulite-fighting caffeine, this lightweight, self tanning lotion promotes the ultimate, #nofilternecessary faux glow without stepping one precious pinky toe in the sun. Become the best self tanner and say goodbye to those tan lines with the best self tanning lotion available on the market.

Price - $50

Where to Purchase -


- Third Product - 

Luxurious Skin Toning Oil 

So now that your skin has been rid of the dead skin, and now has a bronze glow...whats next? Next up we have the ''Lux Skin Toning Oil.'' This product is by far my favorite body oil that I have yet tried. Usually I don't ever use body oil because ya know, growing up in Florida I always have been given different suntan lotions to try including one that was a body oil and let me tell you hot summer beach days while being covered in oil is not a very fun feeling. Usually when I've tried dry oils they have always left me feeling greasy and gross but this one absorbs into the skin really nicely and leaves a beautiful red carpet-esque glow to the skin. Also it has that scent that the rest of the products have and wow... I still can't get over how good it is. 

If all that wasn't good enough this product has actually been endorsed by Khloe Kardashian and she says its like liquid lipo! Couldn't have said it better myself! It not only is a fast absorbing oil but it really does tighten up your skin! I used it on my legs and saw instant toning. It also some how seems to reduce the look of cellulite and used long term is supposed to help with stretch marks, and aging. 

It has extracts of Tamanu oil, macadamia nuts, oats, wheat germ, rice, Rosemary, and sunflower in it all to help make this one of the best body oils on the market!

Description off site - 

Bring dehydrated, dull, lackluster skin back to life with the best skin- silkifying toning body oil. It soothes, smoothes, and nourishes skin, while protecting against moisture loss. Also used as a great oil for stretch marks, this non-greasy skin toning oil deeply hydrates, instantly melting into skin, for a more youthful, toned, and tightened appearance. With every beautifying drop this skin toning oil helps to maintain red carpet ready elasticity and fabulous firmness.

Price - $59

Where to Purchase - 


- Last Product -

Purifying Masque

Last but not least we have the only skincare face product in the bunch and that is the ''Purifying Masque.'' This face mask is a great anti aging - clarifying mask. Its a thin mud mask consistency and is a light mud green color. It helps un clog gunk out of your pores and really give your skin a deep cleaning. It also not only works to clean out makeup, dirt, and bacteria out of your pores but also to tighten and minimize the look of pores! 

It has sea algae extracts that promote skin-supporting collagen synthesis, while licorice extract beautifies, brightens, tones, and tightens.

What more can I say? Its a great mask and a must have in your skin care arsenal!

Description off site - 

pore-fect must for your anti-aging arsenal, this facial purifying masque can also be used to purify, perfect, and prettify your entire body from head to tippy toe.  Say "hello" to your new best friend! Bring dull skin back to life with this deep- cleaning purifying masque. Shhh, it's Kim's little secret.

Price - $49

Where to Purchase - 


So there you have it! I hope you guys got some more information on these products and hopefully found a new body care brand to try out! If you test any of these out be sure to tag me and the brand on Instagram so we can check it out! xx


Also be SURE to use the code "KashmereDoll" for a discount! :)



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