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First Impressions : New Milani Products

Hey dolls!

I know, I know.... How many of you are like where in the heckk have you been Sav??!? Well let me tell you, I definitely didn't expect to take a blogging hiatus but some how I ended up being gone for almost a month ;( I didn't mean to be gone for so long, but life happens and mine has definitely been moving full speed ahead. I was away during the holidays for quite a while, made it home and ended up going to LA on a days notice. That being said I was out in LA with my IPSY fam for Generation Beauty and had the most crazy / amazing 6 days ever! I just made it home two days ago, so be ready for me to hit you with a ton of posts now that I'm home! Anyways... Lets stop talking about me & start talking about makeup!!

Today we are talking new products at the drugstore : Milani Edition! I am going to do a first impressions review of all of these products and then later on in another post I can give you all my final thoughts! If you guys like these types of post be sure to let me know and I'll be happy to do more!

- New Products -

- Stay Put Matte Liquid Liner in Matte Black -

Now with most of these products I'm going to do a first impression and tell you all how they swatched what the formula is like etc. however with this first product, I have to tell you I love it!! I have the color coffee already and it has been my go - to liquid liner for so long! This liner drys matte, Is supposed to last for 17 hours ( I've never kept my makeup on so I cant attest to that claim lol ) and is supposed to be humidity and sweat proof.

It is super pigmented and like I said it drys matte instead of that traditional vinyl looking liquid liner, which makes it amazing for daytime / simple glam looks.

Price - $8.00

Where to Buy -

- Amore Matte Lip Creme' -

These next products go with out introduction! Some of the best liquid lipsticks you can buy at the drugstore! They are long wearing, dry down to a matte finish, have the most amazing smell, and also don't dry your lips out or make them flake.

I got to try out three new shades that Milani has come out with.

Shades -

Stunning : A mid toned brown nude

Loved - A muted terra cotta with a hint of pink

Devotion - a cherry red mixed with a dark vampy red

Price - $9.00
Where to buy -

- Prep + Set + Glow Illuminating Transparent Powder - 

A super unique powder for drugstore! This powder is a light translucent powder that has a slight luminosity to it. 

Sets the face with out making your makeup look cakey. Also this powder is perfect for my fellow dry skin sisters! This powder will not make you look overly matte or cling to dry areas. 

Price - $10.00

- Strobelight Instant Glow Powder -

This next product is about to take over the drugstore makeup game, so be sure to get yours while you still can!! The Strobelight Instant glow powder is a stunning highlighter that gives you that natural glowing goddess look!

The color I got is shade 01 - Afterglow which is described as a pale pearl shade. Its a very pale pinky - nude highlighter best for fair to meduim skin. They range also has 3 other colors for everyone!

Price - $10.00
Where to buy -

- Make It Last - Prime + Correct + Set - Setting Spray -

Probably the product I've been most excited to try out of the bunch!

It is such a nice refreshing cooling setting spray that really sets your makeup in place all day. Its say that its supposed to have 16 hour wear and will keep colors from transferring or creasing.

Also when pulling the link for this product I just found out that they have a Dewy - illuminating version of this spray!! I will DEFINITELY be trying that one out and will update you guys soon!

Price - $10.00
Where to buy -

- Face & Eye Strobe Palette - 

Last but not least we have probably the prettiest packaged product I've ever seen from a drugstore brand! This is called the Face and Eye Strobe Palette and is a pan with three split shades all messed together. There is essentially a blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter all in one! 

Now all though I definitely will not be wearing all three of these shades together at once, I think they are all stunning individually. 

All three colors are the same formula, so they all look like super nice wet looking highlighters. The lightest shade is also an amazing dupe for high end highlighters as it really gives that intense blinding glow look!  

Price - $13.00

So that's it guys! Hope you liked todays post and be sure to let me know below what your fav Milani Product is! See you soon xoxo 

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