Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Trends : Metallic Lips

Hey babes! 

Lets talk holiday parties. We all are subject to going to or throwing parties this time of year and I know some times they can be a drag. But today we are talking my fav way to dress up your face this holiday season! Metallic lips! Unless you've been living under a rock, 2016 has been the year of the shimmer, the glitter, the blinggg lol. So of course we needed to find a way to make every aspect of a makeup shine, right? 

That's why so many amazing brands have now released there own "metallic" ''shimmer'' or ''glitter'' infused lip products. Which I have been trying out / testing different brands for months now, and today that's exactly what we are going to be talking about! I have pulled four of the best sparkly lip products I could find ( and conveniently three are all from the same brand. ) 

1. Jouer Lip Topper 

Color ''Skinny Dip''

Debatably the most talked about lip color of 2016, had to be the Lip Topper from Jouer Cosmetics in the shade "Skinny Dip.'' I bet if you follow any beauty accounts on insta ( especially mine lol ) you have seen someone wear this shade. It is truly stunning and screams holiday chic. 

Jouer Describes this color as a ' Metallic Shimmering golden nude.' 

 Buy Jouer Cosmetics Skinny Dip Here

*** Lip color above is Jouer Skinny Dip ***

2. Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick

Color "Bronze Rose''

The longest wearing lip color in the bunch has to be Bronze Rose from Jouer. I feel like a Jouer Ad when I say this but seriously you have to check out there range of lip colors. They have super innovative, new, and unique colors like this one here. It is a metallic version of a deep rose color. Super perfect if you want to skip the classic Christmas red lip, and do something a little more unique. Since this is a traditional liquid lipstick, it is also perfect for longer events because it wont budge anywhere. 

Jouer Describes this color as a 'metallic cool deep rose.'

Buy Jouer Bronze Rose Here

3. Ofra's Duo Chrome Liquid lipstick 

Color ''Atlantis''

A limited addition beauty, this color is actually the only other metallic lip shade I pulled that wasn't by Jouer. This formula is sort of a happy meduim between the other shades we've talked about. Its not a gloss type of formula, but also not a drying liquid lipstick. I would consider this shade more of cream formula and is great for those who don't like gloss. It is a super beautiful peachy pink gold shade that is perfect for a more subdued holiday glam look. 

Ofra Describes this color as ''A Radiant pink that reflects gold.''

Read More About Ofra's Atlantis Here

4. Jouer Lip Topper 

Color ''Tan Lines''

The most bronzey of the four this shade from Jouer is perfect for every skin tone! It seems like this color ( Being that it is called Tan Lines ) should only be for the summer time, but something about it just makes me think of the holidays. It is gold a bronze and super shimmery and looks so good on deeper complexions. 

Jouer Describes this color as " A Metallic Shimmering Bronze.''

Buy Jouer ''Tan lines'' here

- Colors are in order from L to R - 

Skinny Dip - Bronze Rose - Atlantis - Tan Lines

- This post is not sponsored 

That's it dolls! Hope you enjoyed and be sure to comment and let me know what your must have holiday makeup products are! xoxo

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