Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Armani Liquid Lip Magnets - Review + Swatches

Hey dolls, 

Today I wanted to do a review and swatch all of the new Lip Magnets from Armani Beauty. They are a super unique formula so I wanted to share with you guys some information about them so you have an idea of if you want to purchase these babies or not. Lets jump in!

- What these Are - 

When I first got these I was a little confused on what they were. Considering every time I get a liquid lipstick I automatically think its just that, a liquid lipstick. But I think we all forget that there is a million different ways to do liquid lipstick, not just the traditional matte long wearing way. That brings me to these. They definitely are the usual matte liquid lip formula I am used to, more than anything they remind me of a lip stain. They have a very thin light weight formula that really becomes one with your lips and gives a natural - long wear color. Super perfect for long days when you want to be comfortable but don't want your lip color to fade. 

- Color Range - 

Today I swatched all the six shades that I got, but I do believe that there is around eighteen shades in the color range. There are a lot of pink / red / warm orange type of tones in this color range. Below are the shades I have with descriptions.

Shade 502 - Mania 

A lighter bubble pink shade 

Shade 501 Eccentrico 

Brighter fuchsia pink 

Shade 402 Fil Rouge 

A darker brick red 

Shade 503 Glow

Warm toned salmon shade 

Shade 504 Nuda

A slightly deeper warmer version of Glow 

Shade 401 Scarletto

A brighter redder brick colored red 

- Swatches - 

- Shades From L To R - 

401 - 402 - 503 - 504 - 501 - 502

- Price + Where to Buy - 

These retail for $38.00 on Armani's Website. Free Shipping on orders over $75. They also currently have a little button under the checkout box, that shows you can get a free customized engraving on your makeup! Which I think is an adorable idea for the holidays! 

- Link To buy - 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Tag me on insta if you picked up any of these amazing Lip stains!

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