Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monthly Favorites + GIVEAWAY Announcement

Hey Dolls!

Can you believe that summer is almost over? It seriously astound's me how fast these past few months have flown by! 

With that being said, to we are talking all about what I've been obsessing over in August. 

1.  Kat Von D's New Lock It Concealers 

If you follow me on snapchat (savvy_jarrell) then its probably no surprise that these bad boys are making it into this months fav's. I swear to you guys I have absolutely no complaints about these concealers, which is so rare for me because I never ever feel like I love any concealers fully, like I do these. I mean they are seriously great!! Hydrating, brightening, not cakey, last forever on me, great coverage.. the list goes on and on! 

The two shades that I have are LW3 & LN5. Also did I mention they make a pure white version?!? Like pure white, like Halloween cream paint white...I must try for brightening!

2. My glossy Lip combo 

Savvy? Wearing? Lip? Gloss? What?? Call the press, I've actually been wearing something other than matte lips this month. Crazy right? lol If you all remember I actually did a review on the Gerard cosmetics lip glosses a while ago, saying that they were the only lip gloss I like. I one hundred percent stand to that still to this day. They are the only glosses that actually stay on my lips without feeling sticky, or smelling weird. I normally cant stand gloss, especially plumping glosses ( they make me feel physically ill, not kidding I cant handle mint scents on my lips ) so you know these glosses are good if i approve.

For this month I've been obsessed with this little lip combo. I start out with what ever nude lip liner I have that day, then I apply the NYX lip Lingerie in "Satin Ribbon," then top it with the Gerard gloss in "Nude" and then for that extra glossy pop I put on Gerard's "Crystal" right in the center. Best nude glossy lip ever!

3. By Terry Products 

Honestly I could probably fill this whole monthly favorites with all By Terry products, but hey. I figured I'd give some other brands a chance here, right? Any ways I was lucky enough to try out a ton of By Terry's products this month and I seriously fell in love. I'll talk more about all the products in a post coming up soon, but for now lets talk about two of my favorites! 

The first is this AMAZING palette called "Gem Experience." Its one of there new palettes for fall and it is so so stunning. There are six all shimmery, glittery, shades in this palette and they are all super fall appropriate. From dark maroon, to purple and gold this is one heck of a palette. All the shades are super duper pigmented and will make the perfect lid color for any look.

My next By Terry fav's are called the Rouge-Expert Click Stick's. I have the colors "mimetic beige" and ''bare me.'' Both colors are truly the perfect nude-rose lip shades I've ever laid eyes on. I have been wearing both of these shades all month, especially since I lightened up my hair look. Basically these click sticks are the perfect hybrid between lipstick and lip liner. They also have the perfect shape applicator where you can really fill in every lip contour as well as fill in your lips like a traditional lipstick bullet would. Highly recommend.

4. Armani Skin Routine 

Can we talk about how two products changed my life forever?? Or does that sound a smidge to dramatic? In all seriousness these two products really have changed my skin routine. I have been using the Armani Prima " Glow on moisturizing balm" as a base for my makeup everyday, and it is life changing. I have dry skin, so while others might have hesitated to put something that says "balm" on it under there makeup, I jumped at the idea. Lets just say my routine hasn't been the same since. This product hydrates my skin and adds a glow without leaving the face feel greasy. It makes my makeup go on so smooth over top and just creates the perfect base for foundation. 

Speaking of foundation...can we talk about the Armani Crema Nuda for a second. Omg. That's all I can say, omg. This is literally liquid perfection in a bottle. Its essentially a BB creme, but wow does it seem like a miracle in a bottle. This little guy is like liquid skin ( that sounds gross but stay with me here ) It honestly looks like you have nothing on your face, just perfect skin. It covers but remains undetectable and feels like there is nothing on your face. I have the shade 03 for reference. You all have to try it out.

5. Summer Time skin

How could this be an August favorites with out some type of body product? This one from The Shady Sun Tanning co. is my new favorite exfoliator ever. I have been using this every time before I tan. You know what they say "shower, shave, exfoliate.'' The three essentials before any good tan application. This polish leaves my skin probably the softest its ever felt, and I cant believe I lived with out this product for so long!! In addition to it leaving your skin super soft it actually has a ton of benefits to it. It is packed full of antioxidants that can help prevent a ton of diseases including skin cancer. I 100% recommend this body polish over any of the other ones I have tried! 

- What it does - 

- paraben free
- made of essential oils
- resealable pouch 
- improves blood circulation 
- stimulates collagen production 
- diminishes the appearance of acne, scars, stretch marks, and eczema 

6. Scent of the month 

Ok so, who's judging me right now? I honestly cant believe I have this scent in my favorites, but come on its sooo good. Now I know I know its kind of a scent that everyone wears when there like 16, but I always slept on getting myself a bottle and now I'm totally not sure why! This scent is the iconic scent "pink sugar." Probably less iconic now that you can find it at like every TJ maxx ever, but still amazing none the less. I mean being that I would kind of consider myself a bit of a fragrance connoisseur ( I mean the last perfume I reviewed cost over $500, so there's that ) I really didn't want to like this scent. I mean I got a bottle of it in the sale section at Nordstrom rack for literally $15 bucks. But honestly I cant help it. This perfume is so like-able. It smells like fresh spun sugar and its just so good. Even if you think this scent isnt for you, try it out. You just may end up falling in love with it like I did.

7. My Prada sunglasses obsession!

Following me on insta? (@officialsavvyj) Well than I'm sure you have seen my Prada sunnie addiction come to life this summer. I have been loving Prada eye wear this month so much so that I've tried out two pairs this month! If you guys are feeling this Prada addiction than you can actually get a pair for FREE! Free? Yes you heard me right! Free! All you have to do is go to and pick out your favorite pair of Prada's ( or whatever other brand you like, they have tons of designers! ) and use code "SAVWITHSAV" To get your first month free! After the first month all you have to do is pay $24 a month to get unlimited designer sunnies!

- GIVEAWAY & Favorite phone case - 

Last but not least I wanted to mention this adorable phone case from Minto Tech! I have been using this case this month and absolutely love it for summer. It has definitely been a top favorite this month, So I decided to partner with Minto Tech to give you guys your very own floral phone case! Enter by clicking the link below the image and be sure to read the caption for details! Giveaway ends Sunday August 28th! Enter so that we can be phone case twinsies! 

- Specifics of this phone case off of site -  

A colorful floral case that is matte , light weight and snaps-on . A slim -fit design with Open Top and Bottom made from hard quality plastic . Perfect for those looking for a slim case that does not add much bulk or weight to phone.

- Scratch Resistant
- Seamless Design 
- Slim Fit 
- Hard Plastic Case

Purchase - $15.00

Link to purchase your own Floral Case From Minto Tech

Follow - @Minto_tech on Instagram!

Hope you all enjoyed and be sure to leave what products you are loving this month in the comments below! 


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