Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In The Kitchen : Super Easy Vegan Pizza

Hey guys,

I recently decided I wanted to start sharing my super simple vegan meal ideas with you all. So it only seems that fair that I start with pizza, right? Like who doesn't love pizza? This is one of the first meals I started to make when I first went vegan, so it only seemed right that it was one of the first I would share with all of you. Its extremely simple and you totally tailor it to fit which ever toppings you like. Hope you guys like it!

- What you will need - 

1 Pizza Crust : I just buy the already pre-made ones that you can get at the store

1 Jar of tomato sauce : I always get ones that are flavored with garlic or mushrooms to give an even better flavor

1/2 an onion 

1 small jar artichokes

A bag of arugula or spinach : I typically use arugula

1 bag of sun dried tomatoes

1/2 bottle of Greek olives : be sure to get the ones without pits 

Baking pan 

- How to Make -

Making something like this is clearly quite simple, but I'll go ahead and tell you guys how I put mine together! First pre heat your oven to whatever temperature it says on the back of the crusts box. Then I always saute the onions in a pan before I cook the pizza. This just gives the pizza better flavor, and your not eating barely cooked onions. But hey if that's your thing, than you do you lol. I usually add some lemon and herb spices to my onions while cooking them. Then I lay down the tomato sauce and  a bed of arugula. Like a pretty thick layer of arugula ( because yum.)  Next just add in all of the toppings and then put the cooked onions on top! Bake for a few minutes ( the times will be on the crust package ) and there you go! A super simple Delicious meal! 

- Extra - 

If you really want you can sprinkle on some non dairy cheese, tons of brands make them. There also available at pretty much any and every grocery store, just look to the vegan / vegetarian section of your local market. 

Hope you enjoyed this super simple recipe ( If you can even call it a recipe lol ) Like always be sure to comment and let me know if you try it out!


Two lifestyle posts in a row?!?!? I know, I know. Don't worry we will be back to beauty posts soon.  But for now just call us DollhausLife... or dont. Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? ;)


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