Monday, July 18, 2016

Current Obsession : Blushing + My Top picks

Hey dolls, 

Lets talk about my newest obsession for spring / summer. Blush. I don't know what it is, but here recently I've been obsessed with that fresh bright pop of color on the cheeks. Something about it just looks so fresh and radiant. Its like adding a breath of freshness to your look. To compliment this fresh faced, blushing babe, trend I love to add in the look of freckles. Weather you have them or you pencil them on, they are undoubtedly the trend of the summer. 

Today I wanted to share with you guys my top 5 favorite blush colors, for every season and every occasion. 

- My Top Picks - 

1. Vampy Plum Cheeks 

The first blush I have to talk about is MAC's Pro longwear Blush in "Stubborn." This blush has to be noted because its literally all I wore on my cheeks for like a whole year when I was a little younger. Its a super super pigmented matte plum pink red shade that looks so good when gently applied to the cheeks. Be careful with this one though, because a little goes a very long way and if you pick up to much product you may end up with an 80's throwback look. Iconic yes, but definitely not the kind of look we are going for here. 

M.A.C. Pro LongWear Blush in "Stubborn"

$ 27.00

2. Nude Glam 

The next blush is on the total opposite end of the spectrum in literally every way. This blush is my go to for everyday, when I'm wearing a more classic nude / brown look. Its the blush that goes with any and every look, giving just a subtle nude glow to the cheek bones. This Blush is called, "Rose Champagne" from Wet n Wild. This blush is a super neutral nude shade with a slight reflect of shimmer. 

Wet N Wild Blush in "Rose Champagne."

$ 2.99

3. Doll Pink 

My favorite shade out of this bunch has to be this color from Hard Candy called "Living Doll." I mean the name speaks for itself here. It really is the perfect doll like pink shade. Super pigmented satin finish gives this blush the prettiest look on your cheeks. A very healthy pink fresh glow. My absolute fav. 

Hard Candy Blush in "Living Doll."

$ 7.00

4. Peach goddess 

Whats better than a brozey, glowy, summer time look with a pop of peach? Not much. lol. This blush is of course one to mention, but I wont go into to much detail because you probably own this one already. Milani Cosmetics blush in " Luminoso " literally has a cult following. I mean everyone in the makeup community probably either has heard about it a million times, or owns like five of them. But just in case your not caught up, this blush is basically the perfect orange / peach blush with a really pretty luminosity to it. Want to be a summer time goddess? Pick up a Luminoso. 

Milani Blush in " Luminoso."

$ 8.49

5. Parisian Pink 

I of course had to add in a dusty rose shade to the mix, & this one definitely fits the bill. I like to call this one " Parisian Pink," because well it reminds me of something a totally chic Parisian super model would totally add in to her effortless beauty routine. Its a super pretty matte shade, that just adds a little dainty pop of pink to the cheeks, and I am obsessed for real. It may be the most expensive product on this list, but don't over look it. It really is the perfect pink blush. 

Chanel Blush in "Emotion"

$ 45.00

- Swatches - 

Here are some swatches of the blushes above. 

L to R 

- Milani ' Luminoso,' Wet N Wild 'Rose Champagne,' Hard Candy 'Living Doll,' Chanel 'Emotion,' MAC 'Stubborn.'

That's It for today's post everyone! Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to comment your blush recommendations below. Don't for get to follow me on Instagram @Officialsavvyj and I will talk to you all in the next post. xoxo 

**** None of the products in this post are sponsored. All opinions are always 100% my own. ****


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