Saturday, July 2, 2016

Behind the Instagram : Coffee with a side of Sunnies ♡

Hey babes, 

Been on the hunt for a perfect pair of Instagram-able summer sunnies? Look no further. I have been searching for the best pair of sunglasses that just screamed summer chic, for what feels like forever now. 

Thankfully I came across a site called Lonjure ( can we talk about the name, because so cute )  that sell those ever so famous rose gold sunnies that you've probably seen ever fashion blogger, It girl post about a million times by now. 

I love love love these glasses in specifically because they have that pretty blush tone that makes every outfit, just a tad more feminine. They also have really nice weight to them, so to me they totally feel like designer glasses. 

Here's the direct link to the glasses, they're called the " Arielle Rose Gold" 

Click Me!

Price - $39 - with free shipping $$

Well that's about it! Hope you guys like these short little posts! I know so many of you were asking me where to get these sunglasses, so if you have any other item's you'd like me to do a post like this on, let me know in the comments below! xoxo 


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