Thursday, June 23, 2016

How I take my Instagram + blog pictures

Hey dolls, 

Since the beginning of my blogging career everyone has always asked me, "how do you take your pictures? How do you edit them? How do you get everything so crisp and white?" So today I thought I would answer the age old questions, and let you all in on what equipment I use and how I take all of my pictures!

- Lighting - 

Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on a camera, fancy equipment, backgrounds etc. you need to learn about lighting! Lighting is one of if not, the most important part of taking photos. It doesn't matter weather or not you have the best camera / lens on the market, if the lighting is bad... Well then the picture is probably not going to live up to its full potential. So what is the best type of light you ask? Its always better to shoot ( especially pictures of yourself ) in indirect natural light. If you have a big window, your all set. But in my opinion even the best window light still needs some help sometimes. Especially because you cant control the weather, and by the end of the day your window will start casting shadows which makes it impossible to get a good photo. 

Since natural light sometimes needs a boost, that when we get into our lighting equipment. For me I personally shoot with two large umbrella lights, rather than a ring light ( like most bloggers ) This is because I feel that lighting from a ring light only lights up the face, leaving the background dark and dull looking. If you want to invest in two umbrella lights and a ring light ( for the center of the photo) you'll be looking at some bomb selfie lighting. But if you cant afford to invest in all three than I suggest using a window and the umbrella lights to help brighten everything up. Also something you can do is take one umbrella off of the light and leave the other one on. This gives a more direct light from the naked bulb, which in my testings really helps to sharpen the picture. 

- Iphone Lighting - 

I know most of you are overwhelmed at the thought that your going to need to buy all of this fancy equipment to become a blogger, but in all actuality an iphone and some good lighting will suffice. Now when I take any pictures with my iphone, I always try to use the front camera, as the quality is much better then the "selfie camera." I also always use an ring light attachment to help get my pictures as well lit as possible. For this I use a little ring light attachment from a company called "Ring Light Selfie." I will link there site below so you guys can check them out. Its basically a little dim able ring light that just clips on an off of your phone. I have mine in silver - definitely worth trying out.

Ring Light Selfie

- Camera -

I wish I wasn't such a typical blogger, but yes yes I have the same camera that everyone else on the face of the internet seems to have..the sony A5000. Now while I have the A5000 a lot of people have the A5100. But from what I've seen the cameras are basically identical, except in the fact that the A5100 is super hard to get your hands on and the A5000 is only slightly hard to get your hands on, lol. I definitely think this camera is worth every penny, but if you cant get your hands on one feel free to use your phone. ( I know I do enough ) 

- Editing - 

Believe it or not I do 99% of my editing directly through the Instagram app. I love to use the " edit " side to manipulate the tones, brightness, contrast etc. of my photos. Then I go in and use a few different filters on low levels. I typically use aden, juno, and ludwig. Now the trick to getting my photos so white, is a little button called "highlights" I shoot on a white background - with good lighting of course - and then brighten the photo via "highlights." This works so so well because un like boosting the brightness & washing out your whole picture it only brightens the already highlighted portions of the photograph. 

Before & After editing 

There you have it - my few little tips and tricks to taking good Instagram & blog shots! I hope you all enjoyed and I will see you right back here tomorrow! xoxo 


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