Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whats in my makeup bag

Hey dolls, 

Today's post is all about the key essentials you should keep in your makeup bag. I tend to think about my makeup bag as a sort of ' emergency bag.' I like to be ready for any obstacle thrown my way lol. Weather or not its me who's having a face emergency or a friend I always like to be stocked up on products to help. 

- The bag Itself - 

Before we jump into whats actually in the makeup bag, I figured we should probably talk about what bag I actually use to store all this stuff. 

The bag pictured and the one that I am currently using I got a while back at Ulta. Its just a simple bag with a little pink bow. 

I was going to attempt to link it below for you guys but I cant seem to find it on the site. Let me know if any of you found a link to this bag, and I'll be sure to go back and add it in for everyone else. xo

- Concealer - 

The first product we need in our makeup bag is an concealer. No need for a foundation in your bag as it takes up way way to much room and isnt great for small touch ups. 

The one I have been keeping in my bag recently is by Amazing Cosmetics and is the illuminate concealer. 

I especially love this concealer for these warmer months because it gives a natural glowy look. 

You can get it here - $30 -

- Powder - 

One of the most essential things in your makeup arsenal is powder + a powder brush. I love this little compact of translate powder by makeup forever because the powder inside is super finely milled. This is good because it doesn't make your makeup look cakey after touch ups. 

The brush I carry is from PUR Cosmetics and is a little tapered powder brush. I love having this one with me specifically because if I want to throw in a highlighter or bronzer to my bag for the day, than I know that this brush will work equally as good for all of those as well. Plus its not a massive brush so it fits well into the makeup bag.  

M.U.F. Powder - $22 - Sephora

PUR Brush - $22 -

- Brow Gel - 

Brow touch up's are inevitable on a hot summer day. That's why I carry this tinted one by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Its in the color chocolate and gives a nice tint to the brows, while still keeping them in place. 

Also alot of the time I don't fill in my brows, I just have on Wunderbrow. So its always good to have a gel so I can give my brows a little more definition through out the day. 

You can get it here - $22 -

- Mascara -

I always like to pack my makeup bag with the thought that if I didn't have time to get ready in the morning, I could do my makeup in the car. 

That's why I always carry around mascara, because if you dont have makeup on but you pop a little mascara and brow gel on... BAM. Instantly you look ten times more put together. 

The one I currently have in my bag is my Fully Charged Mascara from PUR. I have been obsessed with this mascara for a few months now. It's one of the best I have ever tried! Lengthens lashes and makes them look super black and beautiful. 

You can get it here - $22 -

( p.s. any one else notice that like all of the products in this post have been $22? Weird lol ) 

- Lip Balm - 

This product pretty much goes without saying, I think that no matter who you are you probably either keep lip balm in your bag or have in the past. Its a clear staple. 

Mine is the Korres lip butter in jasmine. This balm is very moisturizing and has a super light tint. 

You can get it here - $12 - Sephora

- My Current Lip combo - 

The most use things in my makeup bag are always lip products. If I don't have to touch up anything on my face through out the day, I will still touch up my lips. Typically I keep this combo in my bag, and then I just throw what ever color I am wearing that day in my bag, 

This combo is my everyday brown toned nude combo. 

It is Jordana Cosmetics lip liner in - Rockin Rose - $2 - Jordana

Colourpop cosmetics liquid lipstick in - Beeper - $6 - Colourpop

- Perfume - 

Not that this is a makeup item, but it certainly is an essential. I always carry a roller ball or a sample of one of my favorite perfumes. 

Today I had my favorite scent at the moment - Nirvana White - by Elisabeth and James 

If you haven't tried this scent yet...your missing out. Go to your local sephora and pick up a sample asap. You wont regret it trust me. 

You can get it here - $28 - Nordstrom

- Sole Serum - 

The last product I always keep in my bag is Sole Serum. I have talked about this product before but I cant stress how helpful this little guy can be. 

If you don't know what Sole Serum is, it basically is a serum that you can use on your feet when your high heels start hurting. I always carry this because if its not me in heels, than its one of my friends and regardless of how much you where heels they will still hurt after a while. 

This helps alleviate the pain your feet feel after wearing your shoes for to long - making it a little easier to get through the night when your heels hurt. 

You can get it here - $20 -

That's it for today's post! Hope you all enjoyed. Let me know below what your makeup bag essentials are! xoxo


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