Monday, May 23, 2016

Vegan French Toast Recipe

Hello Doll's,

Today's post is a recipe that I wanted to share with you all. Since going vegan almost a year ago now ( can you believe its been that long already ) I have been in the kitchen trying to come up with veganized versions of some old favorites.

The one I've decided to make today is vegan french toast. French toast is something I have not had in what feels like forever, mainly because french toast batter contains eggs, and milk. However today we made a batter that is just as sweet and delicious minus the animal products.

This recipe was a product of a lot of time spent testing in the kitchen. I tried out 3 different recipes before I came to this one. One I tried out had chia seeds. another had flour, but this one, this one was the best of them all.

I did not know how difficult it would be to make vegan french toast, like its seems easy enough. Just take the recipe and execute it and viola. But that was definitely not the case. I tried recipes that other people swore by and they failed miserably for me. Mainly the problem was that since there is no egg in the mixtures it didn't harden the bread like typical french toast. So everything was mushy central. Not cute. The good thing about testing and failing and trying again, is that it typically will make you a better cook in the end. You learn about what ingredients do what to the food, and you can really manipulate the recipe to your liking. So if it doesn't work out, try and try again. There's nothing like it when you finally end up perfecting something you failed at first, so never ever give up. This is true in cooking, and in life.

- Ingredients -  

1 Loaf of artisan bread - You want to buy a loaf that isn't pre - sliced that way you can slice them thicker 

3 eggs worth of egg replacer - I use the one from Red Mill - Your going to need to measure and mix the egg replacer the way the directions say on the package - Then add the mix into the rest of the ingredients 

1 3/4 cups of vanilla soy milk - soy milk has a slightly thicker consistency so it works better in my opinion that almond milk 

2 or 3 tbsp. of agave or maple syrup - which ever you prefer

1/2 tsp. of pure vanilla extract 

3/4 tsp. of cinnamon  

Earth balance and or vegetable oil to lightly grease the pan 

- Directions - 

1. Grab a skillet or a hot plate and heat it up on your stove. I used medium heat.

2. Mix together in a large bowl all of the said ingredients above, minus the earth balance or oil. I used a small wisk to help get all the ingredients blended properly as the egg replacer and cinnamon can get slightly clumpy. 

3. Toast you bread. This one of the main keys to making vegan french toast, as the bread has a hard time hardening even with egg replacer's.  I just toasted mine lightly just to help harden up the bread. Also my bread was fresh from the bakery. I heard that if you wait a day or two the bread will naturally harden and make for better french toast.

4. Dip the bread into the batter coating all sides & crust. Do this quickly so that the bread does not get soggy. 

5. Put either some vegan butter or some oil on the skillet to help brown the toast. I used a small tbsp. of earth balance to cook mine. 

6. Put the bread on the skillet and leave to cook thoroughly on one side before flipping. Check every few seconds to make sure that the side that is cooking is not burning. 

7. Top with some maple syrup, cinnamon, sugar, strawberries, or whatever you'd like on it and you've got yourself some vegan french toast. 

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you try out this recipe for yourself and if you do be sure to let me know below how you liked it! 


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