Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top Five Must Haves For Spring

Hello dolls,

Today I am breaking down the top five products you've got to get your hands on for spring. I know some of you have requested more posts like this one so hopefully you all like it. Lets jump right in. xoxo

1. Blushing Cheeks

First on the list is my personal favorite look for spring. The flushed rosy cheek. I typically only wear blushes that are on the bronze, nude, peach, side. However when spring rolls around I cant live without a pop of color on the cheeks. I typically will go for brighter pinks as they show up better on my skin tone, however muted baby doll pinks are always pretty for spring ( just make sure you get a pigmented one. ) Below are a few of my favorite blush colors for this time of year.

2. Gleaming bronze skin

Next up is a specific product that I legit cant live without during the spring and summer. Its a product called "Body Radiance" by Gleam. They make a range of body ( can be used on the face to ) products that will make your skin look bronzed and glowy for the warmer months, I personally have picked up every color they have, and find that I can pull all of them off as they all serve different purposes. For instance I will use the "light gold" shade to give me a lightened highlight effect and then use the shade "deep gold" to give me an instant tan effect. These are great for when your showing a little more skin during the hotter months, as I find it really gives the skin an healthy, radiant glow.

p.s. sorry mine look a little busted, they've traveled with me all over the place and are a tad messed up and scratched. :/

3. Strobing

Of course this wouldn't be a spring summer post without me talking about strobing, right? Strobing has become the most popular makeup trend of 2016 and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I personally like to use cream products to strob as I find liquids can sometimes make your makeup patchy. My favorite products for strobing at the moment are the Strobing Pallets from PUR Cosmetics. ( one of my favorite brands of all time ) They seriously killed the packaging on these new kits and whats inside is even better,. If you guys would like to see a full review comment below and let me know!

4. Dark beachy tan

I think being a bronzed goddess will always fall into any spring summer must list, right? But it is so hard to keep after your skin when your in the sun all the time. Sad face. Luckily, I have a solution. Break out the Loving Tan, I have talked about this product SO MANY times, so I'm not going to bore you with details...but just know, that it is by far the best. tanner. ever. created. Hands down. I use the shade "Ultra Dark" in the summer, and let me tell you I look more bronzed with two coats of my Ultra dark than if I laid out on an island for a week. Ya, Its that good.

If you guys want to learn more about this product just type in "loving tan" to the search bar here on my blog and you will see all the posts that I've done prior explaining why you need it in your life.

Also you can use code "SAVVY" to get a free gift with purchase.

5. Glossy lips

Top that summer look off with a gloss and your good to go. You guys know I typically skip gloss a majority of the time but there is something that I love about a glossy lip in spring and summer. I typically reach for lighter nude glosses but muted pinks are super cute for spring to...and if you can pull off a bright glossy pink lip then by all means. Below I put a few of my top picks for gloss, and they all sort of work for the girls like me who typically hate gloss. Not sticky, or thick, These glosses are for sure my top picks.

That's it for today. Hope you all enjoyed and be sure to leave your favorite must have product for spring down below. xoxo


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