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April Favorites

Hey everyone,

Todays post is going to be my first month favorites in forever! I was recently looking back at some of the first posts I did earlier last year, when I first started this whole blogging thing and came across a monthly favorites. Since then I completely forgot about these posts and how popular they are. So I figured I would start doing them again every month ( better late than never right? )

Anyways enough chit chat, lets get into the products I've been loving for April.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème

Product numero uno. Recently I was at my local Walmart browsing the makeup section, as you do, when I came across some liquid lippies that I have been trying to get my hands on for forever now! I was so so so excited to see that Milani had put out there re - vamped line of there liquid lipsticks that I could never seem to find when the first launched.

Over the past few weeks I have purchased three of the shades and I have to say I love them!

The colors I have are called - Adorable - Loved - and Precious.

Adorable is a brown toned nude - of course, you guys know how much I love brown toned nude shades.

Loved is a warm rose toned red shade - similar to Kat von d Lolita but a little more red.

Precious is a muted true pink shade - I bought this one in hopes of finding a dupe for "Posie K" by Kylie Cosmetics and I think its a pretty good match! I wouldn't say its spot on, but its definitely the best dupe that I have tried out.

The texture on these are quite fluffy formula but dry down very matte. They don't last incredibly long on the lips, but long enough to where you wont have to keep re-applying all night long.

These Retail for $8.99 - however I never seem to pay more then a $7 for them at Walmart.

Direct link to buy -  

Darphin CC Cream

April for me was the month of skincare / the month of no foundation. I haven't really worn foundation hardly at all this month - only on a special occasion. I have turned to concealer and CC cream. I have been absolutely obsessed with the Darphin CC cream recently. The shades I have are medium and light..
The reason I love this specific CC cream so much is because of how amazing the formula is. Its like wearing a lotion that is going to even out your skin tone, while still feeling like nothing is on your face. It is such a great product and is probably going to be the only CC or BB cream I pick up this summer. All I can say is that if you haven't tried it, you need to. Its will change your life.
Description on site -

To fulfill the needs of Darphin Institute devotees looking for a quick post-facial beauty fix, Darphin has developed an expert multi-benefit CC Cream. This complete, perfecting skincare solution combines beautifying pigments and light reflective pearls to provide a matte and flawless complexion, while treating the skin and offering broad spectrum UV protection (SPF35) in one easy step. Its exquisite fresh silky texture that melts into the skin upon application is the ideal solution to care of and beautify skin in a wink. Visibly perfected, the complexion is even and smooth, the skin looks naturally radiant for today and the future.

You can purchase this CC Cream for - $45 on

 Wet N Wild Mega Glo

The newest product to be added to my monthly favs. I just started using this new highlighter after I saw a few other bloggers rave about it. I found mine in that little nook of new products that they always put in the front of walgreens. Other then finding it there, I haven't really seen these any where else.

These highlighters come in two shades, and I just found out they are limited addition ( why why why why why. ) They are highly pigmented, just like the rest of the wet n wild highlighter's I have tried are. I would say that the look, texture, pigmentation of these are very similar to high end highlighters.

Its DEFFINITLY worth the few dollars you will pay for it.

With all this being said, this product is so new that I cant even find it on there website. My best advice is just to keep an eye out for it at your local drugstore.

ELF Poreless face primer

Over the last few weeks I was seriously on the hunt for a new primer. I mean my pore-fesional was running low, and I didn't feel like re buying a thirty dollar primer...So I went to the drugstore. ( seems to be a re occurring theme this month lol ) While I was on the hunt for that perfect new primer I saw that ELF had a whole new range of primers. They had everything from redness cancelling primers, to illuminating primers.

I decided to first try out the "Poreless'' primer ( in a pink package ) because it seemed like a good replacement for the pore-fessional by Benefit. After trying it out I can safely say that I have found a new drugstore holy grail!

This primer not only smooth's but also helps reduce breakouts by containing ingredient's like tea tree oil.

You can purchase the ELF Poreless Primer for $6 from

Hard Candy TIKI Bronzer

Last but not least in this months favorites is the Hard Candy TIKI Bronzer. Now if you've been in the makeup community for a while then you know this product is an OG. Its been around for quite sometime and is definitely worth the hype.

So even though the name of this product is technically "bronzer" its really isn't a bronzer even in the slightest. It is basically a very radiant natural highlighter. Before your scared off by the word bronzer again let me tell you that it is super wearable for all skin tones. You don't have to have a deep tan to pull this highlight off. Now what makes this highlight so different is that its not intense at all.

The best way I can describe this product to you guys is that its super similar to the Hour Glass ambient lighting powders. It just gives this naturally dewy, glowy, radiant effect. You can even wear this with hardly any makeup on and it will give you a fresh, youthful, illuminated look.

You can get the TIKI bronzer by Hard Candy Cosmetics here -

That's going to do it for me today. Hope you all enjoyed this post and be sure to comment below and tell me what your favorites for the month of April were.

Also a big shoutout to my little brother who turned 15 this month! I've been teaching him how to drive now and its both terrifying and adorable. Cant believe he is already fifteen.. Happy birthday Bren. xoxo



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