Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Top Five Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks + Swatches

Hey dolls,

Today I wanted to share my top five Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick shades with you all. For quite a while now I have been wearing + talking about there amazing products, but I realized I had never swatched or reviewed there famous lipstick here on my site! So that's exactly what I did today if you want to learn more about these amazing lippies and hear my honest review of each one then just keep on reading. xo


- Packaging -

Its only right to start off any post about Gerard Cosmetics by talking about packaging. 😍 😍 😍
I would say out of all the lipsticks I own ( I own way to many lipsticks ) these are probably the prettiest packaged ones out there.

These guys come in a bright shiny gold bullet packaging, with there companies name across the bottom half of the bullet.

I also own some liquid lippies and highlighters from them as well and the packaging is a similar beautiful gold theme.

- Formula -

Before I get into formula note that all of the lipsticks I have personally tried are in a matte / satin matte texture. I have yet to try any of there crème lippies mainly because I just don't really prefer crème / glossy lips in general.

That being said these guys are truly a great matte formula! They are highly pigmented and last on the lips for ever.

I swear to you guys since I started wearing liquid lipsticks I haven't really picked up any of my traditional lipsticks like I used to. However I find that these lipsticks have an almost similar feel to an liquid lipstick. They really stay put on the lips and don't budge or bleed out of the lip line. They have a semi - thicker feel to them making them perfect for people like me who really like an opaque matte lip.

- Price Point -

These lippies go for about $19 a piece on Gerard cosmetics website. However...GERARD LOVES SALES! They constantly are having sales and new cupon codes and even buddle deals CONSTANTLY. Making it so so easy to get these lipsticks for a steal!

If you want to find a good deal check out there IG- @gerardcosmetics or check out the "sales tab" on the website.

- Where to Purchase -

As many of you probably know Gerard is an online based site, so I think you can only purchase them through there website - or there sister site - Whitening Lightning. Don't quote me on this, as a lot of online brands sell in beauty shops out in LA and such, but all I know of right now is that they are online based.

Shipping was really fast also. The only problem with my shipping was that my highlighter came smashed 😭 DEVESTATING 😭 But this was 100% the fault of my mail man who throws my products around in delivery so that I can open brand new packages of crushed products ( I swear they do it on purpose now. )

I would say shipping took the average 3-5 days to get here to Florida, and I didn't have any problems with delays or anything like that.

Get them here 

- My Top Five Must Have Shades -

* Not in any specific order *

1. Nude

The warm honey toned nude.

Perfect for lighter to medium complexions - as It is quite light.

Warmer in tone, doesn't have any white pigments to it that will make it look ghostly on tan complexions ( thank goodness ) 

2. 1995

Darker brown toned nude

Has a hint of red undertones

Will look good on every complexion. Either as a darker red brown on fair skin tones, or as a more nude shade on darker skin tones.

Perfect 90's lip shade - hence the name ;)

3. Underground

A Grey - purple based nude

Very cool in undertone

If you have never tried the grey-ish lip trend, this is the perfect starter shade for you. I find that this is hands down the most wearable cool toned lip I own. Goes great with MAC's stone lip liner.

4. Vintage Rose

Darker rose shade

A true dusty Rosie pink color. Slightly on the warmer side.

My favorite go to pink shade. I don't often wear pink shades because there not my favorite, but this one is perfect and so subdued, looks so soft and pretty on the lips.

5. Cherry Cordial

Last but certainly not least.

While the picture below & how it appears in the bullet may look almost black, this shade is actually a very dimensional deep red - wine shade.

My go to in fall time.

Can be built up to look like a very dark shade or warn very lightly to give that "I just ate a bowl of cherries and now my lips are stained" look.

- Swatches -

- Cherry Cordial, Vintage Rose, 1995, Nude, Underground -

So that's it guys hope you found this review helpful, and be sure to let me know which shade you want to try out below in the comments!




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