Monday, February 22, 2016

The speech everyone needs to watch - Gary Yourofsky

Hello there everyone, 

Today I wanted to show you the one speech EVERYONE needs to watch. This is a speech given by animal activist and vegan hero, Gary Yourofsky. If you would like to learn more about Mr. Yourofsky or would like to learn more about veganism I have attached a direct link below to his webpage. 

I ask not much from you all today except to make time to listen to the words Yourofsky speaks below, and to go into watching this video with an open mind as well as an open heart. 2016 is the start of a revolution. Lets end the torture that we bring upon the animals and ourselves NOW. 

If this video or my article on Veganism, has persuaded you in any way towards THE kind, healthy, ethical way of living please sign the pledge to go vegan brought to you by PETA.

Lets change the world. 

Thou shalt not kill ; the four most important, and yet, most ignored words in all religious teachings. There is not an asterisk next to that commandment saying, "Unless you walk on all fours and have fur, feathers, horns, beaks, or gills."

- Gary Yourofsky

"Some people think the plant-based, whole-foods diet is extreme. Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery. Some people would call that extreme."
 - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

“Being vegan is easy. Are there social pressures that encourage you to continue to eat, wear, and use animal products? Of course there are. But in a patriarchal, racist, homophobic, and ableist society, there are social pressures to participate and engage in sexism, racism, homophobia, and ableism. At some point, you have to decide who you are and what matters morally to you. And once you decide that you regard victimizing vulnerable nonhumans is not morally acceptable, it is easy to go and stay vegan” 

Gary L. Francione

- Savvy 

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