Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Preview to : MY LASH LINE

Hello Everyone!

So todays post is going to be a first look at my NEW LINE OF LASHES!!! So if you know me you know that I have been dying to come out with my own cosmetics line for ages. However it takes a lot of work, time, effort, and money to make your own company. But after god knows how long, ITS FINALLY HERE!!! I decided to start out the line with lashes (yes start out) I want this to be the first step towards the hopefully long road ahead. I have already started coming up with what I want to come out with next, but we gotta take it one step at a time here lol! Before I get a head of my self, let me tell you that even though I'm excited for what's yet to come, I am ecstatic about these lashes launching soon. We don't exactly have a specific launch date yet, but it will hopefully be sooner then you all think! The only thing we are finishing up on is the new website - which will strictly be where you can buy the lashes / any other products we come out with in the future, and the packaging. I decided to go the luxury route for the packaging, so its taking a little while extra to finish. Anyways... Below you guys are going to find out all the information needed on the lashes, as well as names & photos of each of the five lashes. I truly hope you guys enjoy, and I thank you for basically giving me this opportunity. If it wasn't for all of you none of this would ever be possible :)

• Can be worn for 1-2months ( using proper care techniques )

• These lashes are NOT mink #vegan 🐰
• Styles range from natural to dramatic • Prices start at $6.50 a lash - to $7.50 per pair of lashes

• Luxury packaging ( photos coming soon )

• Will be available on (coming soon)

• Launch date is right around the corner

Name : Coquette
Price : $6.50
Description : Our most natural pair of lashes. Shorter and perfect for everyday use and beginners. Gives a wispy outer corner look to the eyes.  

Name : Coco
Price : $6.50
Description : A very pretty natural lash. Perfect for everyday & when you add mascara to the lash, it becomes the perfect night out lash. Longer hairs create an overall full and flirty looking lash.

Name : Bordeaux  
Price : $7.50
Description : Our most full and dramatic lash. Perfect for a special event. Thick full fibers create a fluffy and oh so glamorous look to the eyes. Specially made to not feel as heavy on the eyes as most dramatic lashes like it.

Name : Casablanca  
Price : $6.50
Description : The most versatile lash! A must have for any girl! Can be worn during the day or at night with literally any eye makeup. You can wear this lash completely on its own with mascara and no other eye makeup. However it will still show up on a dramatic eye look. An upgraded version of an everyday lash.
Name : Mademoiselle
Price : $6.50
Description : Our most feminine lash, the criss crossed hairs make for a dainty yet glamorous look. A perfect lash for the upcoming holiday season.

Examples :

The Picture above is the Bordeaux Lash.

The Picture above is the Casablanca lash.

The picture above is the Mademoiselle Lash.
-Love Savvy 

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