Monday, November 30, 2015

Dupe Alert : Chanel VS. Colourpop

Hello everyone!

The other day I purchased a few of the new Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, and when I got them in the mail I realized I actually have a high end color that looks super similar. So I decided to make this quick little post comparing the two ( considering the price difference is massive ) for you all. Let me know below in the comments if you guys like these kind of posts, because I can actually think of quite a few other high end products that I have dupes for!

ColourPop - Tulle VS. Chanel - Deep Rose

ColourPop Tulle - Pros :

* Long Lasting
* Super Pigmented
* Very Matte
* Easy to remove with makeup wipes - But doesn't budge throughout the day
* Can be worn without lip liner

ColourPop Tulle - Cons:

* Dry's out lips ( most all matte liquid lipsticks do )
* Makeup smell - not scented
* Packaging leaks - Like everywhere right on the top in between the cap and the bottle


Chanel Deep Rose rouge double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour -

Chanel Deep Rose - Pro's :

* Long wearing
* Light feeling on the lips
* Smells like vanilla
* More purple toned then Colourpop Tulle

Chanel Deep Rose - Con's :

* Comes with an unnecessary gloss ( looks terrible with the gloss on top )
* Super expensive
* Only 0.10 oz of product

Side by side swatch -

Left -

Chanel Deep Rose rouge double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour -- More purple toned

Right -

Colourpop Tulle -- More burgundy red toned

Over all they are very similar, and I would definitely go for the Colourpop one considering it is so cheap. The Colourpop ultra mattes are the most long lasting liquid lipstick I've ever worn! They stay all day, and while I heard in the past they might flake off the lips, I haven't had that problem at all even with the dark shades like this one. I never add any lip balm underneath them either, so on me they truly stay all day with any help from a balm or gloss.

-Love Savvy 



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