Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Makeup : Princess Jasmine + Motives Cosmetics contest entry

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do a princess Jasmine inspired makeup look for Halloween for quite some time, so when I saw the Motives Cosmetics #WickedMavens contest had a look called the "Jasmin" look I new I had to recreate it! This look was originally done by @theamazingworldofj on Instagram, for the Motives competition.

I decided that this look would be a super fun easy one for Halloween, so I'm adding it right on into my Halloween Series. This look is super perfect if you dont really want to dress up for Halloween, or cant because of school or work dress code. Basically everyone will no you are princess Jasmine, with out even having to wear a costume! It is super simple and the only thing you will need is your normal makeup ( plus silver glitter if you'd like ) and some 99 cent blue ribbon and rhinestones. Easy as that.

How to get the look - 

First lets start with the eye makeup.

1. Apply matte browns and greys to the crease. You can literally use any greys and browns you have, just as long as you blend really well!

2. Apply a shimmery silver color to the lids. I had a hard time finding a perfect silver shadow so I ended up using an old BH cosmetics palate silver.

3. Next comes the glitter. I did my eyes first for this look so that the fall out wouldn't be to crazy ( It did not work... I'm still finding glitter on all my products lol. ) I happened to just use a finely milled craft store glitter for this. ALL glitter even cosmetic grade glitter is technically not supposed to be for eye use (crazy right) so do this at your own risk. I have been wearing glitter on my eyes for years and have never had a problem, but just make sure you are careful with it.

4. Apply your favorite eye liner - I used NYC liquid eye liner and Hikari cosmetics black khol liner in the water line.

5. Mascara and Lashes.  I used DollHaus Beauty Cosmetic lashes (duh) COMING SOON.

6. Now do your whole foundation / concealer face routine & the add in lots of bronzer. I used the Anastasia Contour kit and MAC Gingerly blush.

7. Brows. Anastasia dip brow pomade in "Dark Brown" & NYX micro brow pencil in "Espresso."

8. Highlight with a golden highlight, I used Laura Geller "Gilded honey" a true golden highlight.

9. Next smoke out the bottom lash line with the matte grey colors we used in the crease. Then apply a little bit of that glitter directly in the center of your bottom lash line. Next extend your eyeliner into a point on the inner corner of the eye. Finish with bottom mascara.

10. Apply the rhinestones. I used blue ones from the craft store (make sure you get a pack that has different sizes in it. ) To apply the stones dip them in a small amount of lash glue, and stick them underneath your winged liner from largest ( closet to the eye ) to smallest. Then apply a medium sized stone to your inner corner point.

11. The "bubble braid" Jasmine hair. Start by putting your hair into a higher pony tail, and leave out a far parted piece of your bangs. Tuck that piece behind your ear. Then get a bunch of small elastics. This is literally the easiest braid ever, all you do is put hair ties in the hair to create an indentation (or bubble) then wrap a small piece of your ribbon around each one.

12. Finsh the look off my wrapping a large piece of ribbon around your head ( like a head band ) secure it with bobby pins, and your good to go! I also added a metal choker from Forver 21, but any kind of cool exotic looking jewelry will suffice.

- Lip color is NYX suede liquid lipstick in "Sandstorm." -

 -Love Savvy


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