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Halloween Series : Bloody Barbie - Beginner -

Hello Everybody!

What better way to kick off the month of October, then with a Halloween look?
Today's look is a bloody barbie doll, that's right that glamorous barbie every little girl wanted to be with a bloody twist. I honestly just sort of winged this look lol! I decided that since I had a blonde wig, and loads of pink glitter that I might as well kill off barbie ha! This look can really be modified to how ever you would like it to be, just play around and get creative! Also, I wanted to make sure I started this series off with a beginner look.. so all of these products can be found in your local Halloween store (we will get into the extensive SFX looks later on) Hope you enjoy and if you decide to try out this look for Halloween [ or a Monday at the office (; ] be sure to tag me on Instagram - @officalsavvyj xoxo

Here is how to get the look -

First we are going to start with glam makeup. This look is super easy because we are basically doing a full glam look, and then after we add in the blood and effects.

Step 1 - Normal face / foundation routine ( Just amp up the coverage & Down play the color )

For this I did two layers of a normal foundation, concealer routine in a very pale color, running it down my neck and chest as well

Products used - MAC Pro long wear foundation - NW10 - Tarte Maracuja concealer - light - Graphtobian loose powder - skintone light -

Step 2 - Now we are going to do brows.

I decided to brush all of my brow hairs down and try and make them look thinner, like barbies.

Products used - Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade - blonde

Step 3 - Drawing on the cut crease, and filling it in.

Now we are doing a cut crease, if you don't know how to execute one literally just type "cut crease'' into YouTube and you will be able to learn this technique. I did this cut crease keeping the crease colors sharp so that I had a guideline for the literal ''Cut" (bloody) crease. Next we filled in the crease with MAC "Pink venus" and "fairy'' shadow by NYX. Next to a dramtic winged liner using NYC liquid liner. Looking back on this look I really should have put some real glitter on the lids, so if you do this look you might want to pack on some actual pink glitter on the center of the lid! The lashes are my brand of lash - launching soon

Step 4 - Next comes the brusing!

I mixed some white cream paint on to the areas that I wanted to put bruising around, for a sort of zombie-afied look. Then added black and red paint on my face with a cosmetic wedge. To get a creepier effect rip out holes in the bottom of the sponge.

Step 5 - Bloooood!!!

Lets add blood! This is the funniest part quite honestly lol! I added blood into my eyebrow, and my chin. I also dipped my hand in blood and put a bloody hand print on my chest... then wiped the excess on my neck. Next came some bloody tears. To do this you just want to use the same blood, but just let it drip down your face and then spray a makeup setting spray directly on the fake blood. This will make it look more runny, and more like tears.

Step 6 - Making the term "Cut crease" literal

So we already have a cut crease done, and looking super pink and pretty! But that's about to change... Here I decided to take bloody scab (found at Halloween store or Ben Nye makes one ) And added it on top of the crease line with a makeup spatula. Its super simple, just make sure to use a purple, red, or black ( or all three ) eye shadow to create minimal bruising around the blood.

Step 7 - Kylie Jenner Lip challange gone wrong?

Now were going to do the mouth. First things first is to draw on the lips (over line slightly) and then fill in like you normally would. Then we are going to creepily over draw the mouth with the lip liner we used prior. Then using a purple or black lip liner, I made a few little X's to give it a stitched look. after that we added some bloody scab to the corner of the mouth and the dripped blood from the side of the lips. Then put bruising around the blood. Lastly I put a little bit of bloody scab straight in the center down the "wound" to give more depth.

Products used - MAC ''more to love'' lip liner & ''candy yum yum'' lipstick

Step 8 - Chared fingers

Lastly I threw some black body paint on my fingers running down towards my hands and then added the paint over top my nails.

Step 9 - Add a blonde wig and there you have it, bloody barbie! Perfect for Halloween!!!


Any requests for looks you want to see me do? Comment below!


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