Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hey guys!

Today's look is a super simple vampire look.

Lets get started....

What you will need -

Light foundation

black / brown / grey / red eye shadow

dark red lip liner / gloss

vampire blood ( Halloween store )

red or black outfit

optional fangs and red contacts

How to get the look -

Step 1 : Start out by applying the lightest foundation / concealer to your face & chest

Step 2 : Grab a dark grey eye shadow to hallow out our cheeks. Contour the sides of your temples, nose, jawline, and cheek bones heavily with the grey shadow ( don't use a bronzer for this as we don't want to add any warmth to our dead vampire look )

Step 3: Apply a red shadow as a blush to your cheeks - skip the highlight for this look ( we once again want to look creepy and dead not glowy lol ;)

Step 4 : Start applying a brown into your crease, then pack on black to your lid. Blend the two shades together using a red eye shadow, and then re define the crease with a little bit of grey - this will give a bruised look. Then do the same thing to the lower lash line + add a black pencil to the waterline. Next just add mascara and or lashes.

Step 5 : Apply a dark red lip liner to your lips and over line slightly, then add a dark red lipstick / lip gloss. For this I used "Black metal dahlia" Lip tar by OCC which is pretty much a lipstick, lip gloss hybrid.  

Step 6 : Add a bit of blood to the corner of your mouth, let it drip down your chin and onto your neck and chest. Then add some fangs and some red contacts if you'd like then your all done!

If you recreate this look or any other Halloween looks I've done, be sure to tag me @officialsavvyj and use the hashtag #Halloweek .... Also I am going to try my hardest to post one more Halloween look tomorrow to finish off Halloweek however I have a super hectic day / night tomorrow. I will try to get another look up, but if I don't then I truly hope you guys liked this little week of all things Halloween. If things like this are not your cup of tea, fear no more as I will be going back to posting normal content as of Sunday the first. :)

-Love Savvy

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