Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hello everyone!

Today's look is probably the creepiest thing I've ever created...

This look is a Voodoo Doll based off of a Jordan Hanz Body painting. Its super creepy, and frankly the filter I put on it makes it even worse. But if you want to something unique, that doesn't really require a costume just a knack for body painting..then this look will be perfect for you. Lets get started...

What you will need - 

Brown cream body paint

Black cream body paint

White cream body paint

Red water activated body paint

Grey body paint ( or mix 1 part black paint to 2 parts white body paint )

Black eyeshadow

Dark brown eyeshadow

Large sponge

Large stippling brush 

OPTIONAL - fake blood could be added to the heart for extra effect

How to get the look - 

 Step 1 : Grad your brown body, and start painting your entire chest - neck - face - ears - area. I used a large stippling brush for this, as it doesn't take as long as it would using a sponge.

Step 2 : Take your sponge and your white body paint, to add some highlights. Then take your brown and mix it with a smidge of black paint, to shade . Make sure you use a dabbing motion to help make it look like textured burlap. For this I have included a diagram. White arrows point to areas you need to highlight, and brown point to areas were you will apply the dark brown.

Step 3 : Start drawing on your red heart. I used a red lip liner to map it out then fill it in with red paint.

Step 4 : With black body paint and an angled brush start mapping out all of our stitching lines. These will run down from the forehead to cupids bow, and from either side of our mouth. Then shade the sides with a black eye shadow.

Step 5 : Draw circles on your eyes, then fill them in with black paint and set them with black eye shadow. Basically we want it to appear as buttons when we close our eyes. So do this as best as you can. I personally took mine all the way up to my brows, but you can make them as small or as large as you would like. 

Step 6 : sketch out a outline of your heart around the one that is already on your chest. Then connect two lines across your chest up to your shoulders. Shade them with black eye shadow, the same way we did the face lines. Then take a fluffy brush with the black shadow and add some black around the heart to darken / add texture.

Step 7 : Now grab a precision brush and the white paint. Draw on your stitches at random down all of our black lines. Then add some brown eye shadow at the ends of each stitch. This makes the stitches look more realistic.

Step 8 : Now we are going to take that grey paint, and draw on the pins that are going into our heart ( I made two pins in the heart on either side). Then I drew in two lines on the top and bottom of the line in black paint. Then taking the same red paint and drawing the little red top of the pin needle. Then highlight it with a little bit of white.

Step 9 : Last step is to close your eyes and put four white dots creating your little button eyes. Then just mess up your hair, slip on something black and there you go! All ready to scare the kids on Halloween muhahaha. ;)

If you recreate this look or any other Halloween looks I've done, be sure to tag me @officialsavvyj and use the hashtag #Halloweek .... See you guys tomorrow.

-Love Savvy

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