Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Day 2!

Today we have a super simple cat look. I figured that since I've been a cat / bunny / mouse for the past billion Halloween's, I would have to show you guys a simple cat look. You can really use this look for any kind of animal, just manipulate the colors to match your costume.

Step 1 - Start off with your normal face / foundation & concealer routine.

Step 2 - For this look I went a head and did a simple eye, using the Urban Decay Naked 2 palate. I applied the matte brown from the palate in the crease and deepened it with the matte black shade. Then I applied "foxy" to the lid. When doing the black in your crease blend it out in an winged motion.

Step 3 - Grab your favorite black liquid liner and start drawing a super thick, long winged line. Then extremely extend the liner into your inner corner point, and apply a black khol pencil to your water line. I sharpened the wing and cleaned up any mistakes using a concealer pot by NYX.

Step 4 -  Next we are going to give this a true cat like effect, by extending the brow hairs and bottom lashes. For this take a dark brown ( which you should first use to over draw the eyebrows and darken them ) for your brows. You basically just want to make small strokes, mimicking the brow hairs on top of your brows. This will give them a furry cat like appearance. Then do the same for the bottom lashes, going right under neath your natural lashes with a black eye shadow.

Step 5 - Take a black eye shadow and use it to contour your cheeks, chin, temples, etc.

Step 6 - This look is so easy because you literally do not need any Halloween makeup at all. For this next and main step of the look all you need is a black liquid or gel eye liner. All your going to do is draw on three little whiskers, and a few dots underneath them. Then trace out a heart on your nose ( if your a cutesy cat ) and fill it in with either gel liner or black eye shadow. Then for an extra effect I put some black shadow on to my cupids bow, just above the lip.

Step 7 - Apply a black lipstick! If you do not have one, use a black gel liner / black khol eyeliner / cream paint. ( at your own risk of course )

Step 8 - Put on some bomb lashes, some press on long nails, some kitty ears and your simple look is all done! ( Eyes were colored on an app, but they make super fun contacts for cat looks so you could look into getting some of those )

If you recreate this look or any other Halloween looks I've done, be sure to tag me @officialsavvyj and use the hashtag #Halloweek .... See you guys tomorrow.

-Love Savvy

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