Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Obsession : Jellie Bags ft. Shop Saint

Hey guys!
  I recently posted about jelly type bags. So I wanted to go more in depth about this little obsession I have with them! First lets talk about what a "Jellie" style bag is. Now a "Jellie" bag is basically a really thick silicone based material that is actually water resistant! So all my fellow Floridians, these bags are the perfect material for our weather! Now being that these are completely water proof, you can take them to the beach, the pool, in a rain storm... Whatever the occasion, a Jellie bag will be your best friend. A few more reasons that these bags are so great is because they are easy to clean, and since they are silicone that means no animals were harmed while making this type of bag! <3 Now another cool thing about this type of bag is they tend to be designer inspired! No, not like a knock off bag but a bag that may mimic your real bag. So say you have a Birkin..You're obviously not going to what to take a bag like that to the beach, right? So that's why they have the same style but in a Jellie form. How cute is that! Now the one company that I highly recommend you all check out for all your jellie needs, is called Shop Saint. They make a range of Jellie bags that are so cute people will be stopping you on the streets to ask where your bag came from! The one I picked up from Shop Saint is called the "Fair Lady" Bag. It's a beautiful bright blue color with sparkles inside the material! IT IS STUNNING! This bag is such high quality you're going to want to use this as an everyday bag, not just for the pool! I actually take mine everywhere ( mall, dinners, errands etc. ) and people are constantly complimenting it! Below I have attached additional information on where to get this bag plus some pictures. Enjoy! xo

Pros of Shop Saint Jellies (in particular) -

* Waterproof
* Easy to keep clean
* Silicone based material
* Fast shipping
* Great customer service
* Cheaper then most brands for same product
* Larger range of Jellie styles and colors
* High quality material


Where to purchase the "Fair Lady" Toy Jellie in "Navy" - http://shopsainthk.com/collections/toy-jellies/products/fair-lady?variant=4768277635

Original link to Shop Saint - http://shopsainthk.com/

10% off of all Jellies - code JELL10

Shop Saint Social Media -

Instagram - @Shopsainthk
Twitter - https://twitter.com/shopsainthk
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shopsainthk
Pintrest - https://www.pinterest.com/shopsainthk/

Other examples of Jellie bags Shop Saint makes -

***Photos above belong to Shop Saint all credit goes to them *** ( Taken from www.instagram.com/shopsainthk )

* All Opinions are 100% my own

-Love Savvy

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