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How to Whiten Your teeth at Home Featuring. Whitening Lightning

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So I recently was talking with my dentist and she was telling me all about how I should come in and get a teeth whitening treatment done, I was contemplating it but then figured I should try to get some kind of at home kit first to see if It would make a difference...So that's exactly what I did! I picked up the Whitening Lightning "Dial A Smile'' kit and couldn't wait to use it! Now at first I was slightly nervous/skeptical about doing any thing at home to my teeth ( sensitivity / lightening of the gums can be a side effect of using whitening products ) but I'm now so happy with my at home treatments! I only started using this kit a few weeks ago and already my teeth ( after one treatment ) have lightened 5 shades. So today I figured I'd show you guys how to use the kit and also my thoughts on the whole process.. So lets get started.


So here's what we are working with! This is the Dial A Smile kit By Whitening Lightning.

Where to buy -

Cost - The kit I have ( Comes with a whitening pen ) : $129.00 ( A $675 Value )

Also featured in this post - ZERO White Teeth Whitening Pen - 2 Pack $39.00  -

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Here is what it comes with -

1 Paper shade Dial
Applicator brush
3 vitamin E swabs
1 dispensing tube
1 handheld LED Light
1 Gel syringe
3 teeth wipes
+ I picture the two zero white pens ( sold separately )

Okay now lets get started whitening! First pull out your little LED light, and remove both batteries and take out the little plastic insert Inside. Then put the batteries back in and turn on. If your light it working properly it will be a very bright blue color when turned on.

What the light does - The Handheld LED light will activate the photocatalyst within the whitener and that assists in breaking its hydrogen peroxide content down into its free radicals, this will make whitening your teeth so much faster and will make your teeth even whiter & brighter.

Next pull out your dial! This is what makes this whitening kit so unique. Basically all you do is hold the dial next to your teeth and match the shade closest to your before tooth color. Then after your treatment hold up the dial again and you'll be able to see those super quick real results! Mine started at an 8 and lightened to a 3!

Next you want to pick up your gel syringe, and dispense 1.5 ml into the little dispensing tube that you have.

This Is the main ingredient in your teeth whitening process so be careful with it! After you break the seal and have used it make sure you stick the syringe into the refrigerator until your next treatment.

This step is the step that makes you feel like your practically a dentist yourself!

First break open one of the teeth wipes ( The kit comes with 3 ) and wipe down your teeth. You are going to need to use circular motions to get all of the excess saliva off of your teeth. This will allow the product to adhere better.

Then you will need to open one of the vitamin e swabs. You use the opposite end of the swab to coat the gums and inside the lips. This helps in preventing the lightening of your gums.

Now you should already have your little bitty dispensing tube filled with 1.5ml of product, after that you'll take the tiny applicator brush and start painting the gel on your teeth. You will want to smile super wide when doing this to prevent it from getting on your lips.

Then turn on your LED light and insert it into your mouth with the plastic guard between the lips and teeth. Now... We wait! In 20 minutes you will have a whole new smile! As you can see my teeth definitely saw a huge difference in shades after only one use! Best product ever! Definitely beats having to sit at the dentist office with your mouth wide open for hours!

Extra tips - After application avoid eating or drinking anything dark that could stain your teeth, for 24 hours. The application results should last a few months to a year just depending how you take of your teeth after application.

To maintain super white teeth I follow up with the ZERO Whitening pens. This is the easiest whitening treatment ever. Basically you just paint the pen on your teeth, smile for 60 second to let the product adhere, and then just go to sleep. Wake up the next morning and brush your teeth like normal. These help prolong the effects of your Dial A Smile treatments. They can also be used by themselves as a super easy treatment for people not wanting to use a LED whitening kit. They will whiten your teeth over 14 days.

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( ALL opinions are 100% my own )

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