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Whats in my B i K i Beach Bag

Hey dolls!

Todays post is all about what's in my beach bag! Being a Floridian, I personally feel like having a fab beach bag is literally crucial. But what do you do with that ever so chic bag? Fill it, duhh! You have to have the essentials for a day in the sun! So I figured I'd let you all get a little nosy, and see what's inside mine!

Products Inside :

- Neutrogena "Clear Face SPF"
- Evian Water
- Gleam - by Melanie Mills
- Sonia Kashuk Purple Seductia Eau de Toilette
- Flat top Vintage glasses
- Buxom Lipgloss "White Russian"
- Books shown - "How To Be Lovely - Melissa Hellstern
- "Lessons from Madame Chic" - Jennifer L. Scott
- Hermes "clic clac'' (Black Enamel)

So here it is, my essentials for a day at the beach! Now I know that these aren't all typical things everyone needs at the beach (like do you really need a Hermes clic- clac... no, come on now ) but I love bringing / wearing some of these on beach days! Normally I take little extras because a beach day always turns into dinner on the water, or walking around shops ( and I have to be extra at all
times lets be honest here. )

So first on the beach day priority list, a bag. Obviously. I mean this wouldn't be much of a "What's in my beach bag" with out a killer bag right? This one is called a BIKI Beach bag AKA a Beach Birkin. IM OBSESSED. This bag is a jelly material made specifically for you to bring to the beach, and is for sure the best quality beach bag I have ever laid eyes on. They are also so CUTE. The color I have mine in is called "Panama Purple" (note: I also have one in "berlin black") and they have the most amazing range of colors. They retail for about $130.00 on and a worth every penny.

Leave the Birkin at home, and grab the BIKI!


Now, Lets take a little look inside....

First product inside my BIKI is a beach day must have! This is Neutrogena "Clear face" SPF 55. This is basically a face lotion that's going to help prevent your face from taking in all of those harmful rays. I always talk about how important it is to not get tones of sun exposer, and beach days are no different. SPF 55 will help protect you skin, and prevent sunspots. Also this sunscreen in particular is so nice because it has an anti- breakout formula that wont clog pores. It Is super light weight on the skin and doesn't leave your face stark white. Also I didn't picture the sunscreen I use on my body, but I use the "Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion."

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Buy Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion -{Keyword}&MT=broad&LID=17p18249871&KID=8106b132-b6c8-4bda-8075-42ee226e4f0f

Next we have fragrance. I basically cannot leave the house with out some kind of scent (I have a perfume addiction, send help asap) and I love having on a light scent for the beach! This one is the perfect non overwhelming floral scent. It is called Purple Seductia, and is a part of the Sonia Kashuk line. Best part of this scent, if you end up loving it they actually offer it in body lotion and body wash form!

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My two wearable beach accessories are my favorite sunglasses ever, and one of my favorite bracelets! These sunglasses are just flat top black glasses with and ombre lens. I just buy this type of sunny from any site I can find them on. So if you want to get the same ones, just type in flat top sunglasses and similar ones to these will come up. Now your probably thinking...why in the world does she bring a bracelet like that to the beach?!?! Well I'll tell ya..Most of the time I don't bring anything like this but, if I know I will be doing something after then I fell like having a little accessory ( any type of jewelry) is great to make you feel more put together. You know the feeling.. That covered in sand, slightly sunburned but starving feeling. That feeling always has me end up at some little restaurant on the water, or at a little shop to cool down and having a little something to make you feel more put together ( and less beachy ) is always helpful for me.

Invest in an Hermes Clic - Clac -

Next product I wont speak to much about but if you want to know more I wrote a blog all about this product. See here ---
But this product is a body illuminate that makes your skin all bronze goddess like. Its such a pretty thing to keep in your beach bag to look your best on the beach!
Buy Gleam By Melanie Mills "Bronze Gold" -
So I know we all go to the beach to work on our tans and build sand castles, but what do you do when your done playing in the sand and collecting sea shells by the sea shore? Grab a good book of course! I pulled two of my favs for this trip to the beach. The top book is called "How To Be Lovely, The Audrey Hepburn way of life." I love this book. It is all about Audrey's life, with sort of a what would Ms. Hepburn do kind of vibe. These a ton of different categories like family and fame, and the author Melissa Hellstern basically tells you how A.H. handled it. Next book is called "Lessons From Madame Chic." This book is about "20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris," written by Jennifer L. Scott. It puts a Parisian perspective on everyday life in the most glamorous way.                  

Last but not least we have my favorite lip gloss of all time! It Is "White Russian" by Buxom. This is a plumping lip gloss that looks like a super natural nude on the lips. I love wearing a little bit of gloss to the beach because it keeps my lips from drying out from being under the sun all day. This also has a super refreshing minty feel which is always a nice little pick me up!

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-Love Savvy

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