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L.A.B. 2 Brush Review

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to do an in depth review of a brush line that was sent over to me last week. So this line is called L.A.B. 2 (pronounced L.A.B. squared ) and is a line of makeup brushes that are currently available at Walmart, Amazon, & on there website. The brushes are made specifically of synthetic materials made with a "Unique fiber that features a micro-studded surface that mimics the exterior cuticle of the finest natural hair." All the brushes have a matte black handle with black metal details, and each brush collection has a different color writing. So lets hit some of the things you might want to know before you buy.

* All Brushes have a corresponding look (perfect if you want to display your brushes)
* Are made out of very high quality synthetic bristles
* Very minimal shedding
* Good range of brushes
* Cute names for each brush (unlink normal numbered brushes )
* Good price point ( From about $5-22 )
* Easily found ( just go to your local Walmart and you'll see these brushes in the beauty/nail isle )

 Now to get into the specifics of each brush

Here are the all of the nine brushes I currently own. I believe there are 13 brushes in the line, not including kits.

The brush names top left to bottom right.

 "On a powder trip brush" "I'm turning pro buffing brush" "Triple threat multipurpose brush" "I'm turning pro contour brush" " I'm turning pro foundation brush" "Just blending in brush" "beyond a shadow of a doubt" "I'm turning pro eye shadow brush" "get in shape brow and eyeliner brush"

So this is one of the two kits that L.A.B. 2 offers. Its called the "I'm Turning Pro" Kit. There are four brushes and I think this kit would be perfect if you would want to try out the brand for the first time. This kit offers a perfect selection of face and eye brushes. It includes a buffing brush, a contour brush, a foundation brush, and a tapered eye shadow brush.

Above is the "I'm turning pro buffing brush." Its a very fluffy, thick buffing brush which is perfect to apply foundation if you would like a more natural look. Also is great if you applied any products a little to heavy with a different brush, It will really help blend face products out. Also is great to put on an all over translucent powder.

(Other products shown : )

This brush is the "I'm Turning Pro Foundation Brush." I personally never use paddle type brushes for concealer however, my recommendation is to use it to highlight with your concealer, or apply your foundation with the brush and then go in with the buffing brush to blend in. This brush is a little bit smaller and is slightly tapered at the top so its perfect for getting right under your eyes.

The next brush is called the "I'm Turning Pro Contour Brush." Its perfect for contouring and especially bronzing. It also is fluffy enough to blend out cheek products and even can be used to apply blush. I also have used it to apply highlighter for more of that "strobing effect."

( Other product shown : )

Now lets move on to the individual brushes -

So this is our first individual face brush. This one is called the "On A Powder Trip Brush." I am slightly obsessed with the name of this one! Also can we talk about how normally a brush has a 214ABC type of name but these are all so cute!!!

So this brush I basically a massive all over face brush. Its the biggest one that I received in the line, and is perfect to dust on a layer of powder or even could be used as a body brush if you wanted to apply highlighter or bronzer to your D├ęcolletage.

( Other product shown - )

The next brush is Called the "Triple Threat Multipurpose Brush." This a great foundation brush! I love love love a flat top brush for applying foundation. I used to only use duo fiber brushes for foundation, but now I cannot get enough of these flat top brushes! This one is especially good for beginners because it is such a fluffy flat top brush, that helps it blend out the foundation. Tip - if you want a sheerer coverage use this brush in a buffing motion, if you want more coverage push the product into the skin then slightly buff out.

( Other products shown -

Now were into the single eye shadow brushes. This one is called "Without a shadow of a doubt brush." This is a large fluffy lid brush. I personally use brushes like this to highlight my brow bone, only because I have smaller lids and brushes like this are just a little to large for me to pack on color. However this brush is also perfect to help smoke out lid color. Like if I was using a matte brown on the lid I could use this brush to smoke out the color and also to pack color on the outer V.
The next brush is the smallest in the line, and is called the "Get In Shape Brow and Eyeliner Brush." This brush is great to apply powder to your brows. I also think it works well with more gel, cream type of products like the ones I pictured it with. As for eyeliner, its a little thick to do a small line, but for a thicker gel liner / cream liner it should work great.

The last eye brush is called "Just Blending In Brush." I LOVE this blending brush!! Like seriously LOVE IT! Its so perfect for blending out crease colors and also is ever so slightly pointed at the top, which makes it BOMB for precisely placing colors in the crease. Its probably my fav brush in the line and for sure a must have!!

Above are the three eye shadow brushes from the line.

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So there you have it, my review on L.A.B. 2 Brushes. All in all I love the line, and think it Is definitely the best "drugstore" brush line I have EVER tried! I highly recommend all of you to go check them out and try out a few brushes yourself. Also shout out to you if your still reading this far down, I know this post was super long lol!

XOXO Savvy

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