Friday, July 10, 2015

#ColorSeries + a few updates

Hey guys! Considering I haven't posted in a few weeks here is the low down on my absents.. So first  off thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! I spent my actual birthday out of town but felt all the love from all of your sweet birthday wishes. After my birthday, I started to get back in the swing of things and its been hectic ever since.. and I mean hectic in the best way possible! I have a TON of collabs that are going to be coming up on here, and even some GIVEAWAYS! YAASSS! Who doesn't love a good giveaway? Also as you may have noticed we got an upgrade!! That's right we are now instead of A simple yet exciting change! Okay updates over! Now lets move on the fun stuff. So I recently have re-developed a love for colored looks. If you follow my socials you would know that I've been hash tagging #colorseries left and right. Now me not being a huge fan of lots of color, I had to come up with a way to make wearing bold bright's look classy, and chic! So here is my tips on how to perfectly execute bold looks for summer... First off I literally always start my looks the same way. Yes I'm totally guilty of just switching up the colored shadows and keeping the entire rest of the look the same. So for a base I use warm toned shadows almost always, and even if the look calls for cooler tones... I still use warms and just add one or two cools to balance it out. Another little trick for the crease is scotch tape, yep that's right scotch tape! I use to small pieces to create a sharp edge from my outer corner to just below the brow bone. This insures that when I peel the tape back, there will be a sharp line and a guideline for my liner. Next after you've blended in some browns to your crease, its time for the color! I use some type of shadow insurance or glitter glue on my lid and slightly into the crease to help make my lids look bigger. Using an adhesive will insure that you have minimal fall out and that your lid color wont transfer into your crease. Next chose your color weather its green or teal or purple or heck even red, make sure you have two similar colors. You should work with a darker shade and a lighter shade. This adds real dimension to your look! Pack on the dark color towards the outside of the lid and the lighter towards the inner corner. Then take a blending brush with no additional product and blend the color shadows slightly with the crease colors. Also you might need to blend your lid colors together a little bit if your new to blending! Now just remove your tape, add your liner, do your lashes a Viola! You could also drag some brown on your bottom lash line and mix in the lid color if you want a more dramatic look! Also keep the skin fresh and bronzy, I don't add any kind of colored blush ( only gingerly by MAC - a bronze skin tone matte blush ) because you want to skip the color on your cheeks and lips! For lips I always use NYX Nude Beige lip liner - MAC Myth lipstick - and Buxom White Russian lip gloss (all linked below.) So there you go, my tips and tricks to have you rocking those colorful eyes this summer! XO


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