Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cool toned Lips and Eyes

Hey guys! So today I wanted to talk a little bit about this new trend of cool toned lips! So generally when your pick out a nude lipstick your going to pick one with a pink tone or a brown tone but recently, the thing to do is pick up a nude with a grey undertone! Now I know it seems scary to wear something grey on your lips... however there a so many great cool toned nudes on the market right now! But how is the best way to pull off the perfect grey lippie? Well my best advice is to go for mauve eye look! Also try not to warm up the skin to much (put the bronzer down for this look) and keep the blush toned down and nothing to pinky! So lets get into the M.O.T.D. for the look you see below! ↓↓↓ So first lets talk about the eyes, these are the most important part of being able to pull off cool toned lips! The best palate you could use for this (in my opinion) is the Naked 3 palate by Urban Decay. I used "limit" as a transition color and "nooner" in the crease for definition. I put dust on the eyelid, and I used "birthday suit" highlighter from Urban Decay as well in my inner corners and on the tops of my cheek bones. I also put those crease colors under my eyes and used NYC liquid liner for the wing. The lashes are vegas_nay by eyllur in the style "grand glamour." So now onto cheeks I used a mauve toned blush - infatuation by Chanel along side contouring with the Wet n Wild palate. Now on to lips so for this look I personally only used stone lip liner by MAC all over the lips! But I will link some of my fav cool toned lipsticks below! But there you have it a quick little tip on how to pull off cool toned lips! xo

Favorite cool toned lip options -

"Stone" lipliner - Mac Cosmetics -
"Soul" Liquid lipstick - Colour Draine -
"Cashmere" Liquid lipstick - lime crime-
"Marshmallow" Colour Draine -


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