Monday, April 27, 2015

Brows 101 :

Hey guys! So one of things I get asked about most is how to get that perfect brow, and its actually a lot easier then you think!! So today I'm going to go over some tips and tricks on how to have those picture perfect brows. So first things first, we have to shape and sculpt the brows. My biggest tip for this is to get three main tools...You're going to need tweezers, a brow razor, and some tiny scissors. All of these can be purchased at any drugstore, walmart, target etc.. So once you have those map out what type of shape you want your brows then tweeze away access hairs, and use the razor to remove hairs underneath the brows. By using the razor under the brows your really going to get a more defined shape and make the brows look a lot neater. Next is the scissors. So what you want to use these for is for the front of your brow, you want to trim the front hairs down so that they are even with the rest of the brow hairs. Now your brows should have a great shape to them! After you have done all this work to your brows go ahead and apply a beauty oil or a little bit of your moisturizer to the brows lightly to help minimize redness and help them not feel so irritated from all the plucking. Now is when you really can manipulate the shape, color, thickness of the brows. First thing I always recommend is a brow pencil, my favorite is the "brow wiz" by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Its a thin pencil that mimics the natural hairs of the brow, but It can be a little bit pricey so I will leave a link to some cheaper dupes down below. So once you've found your perfect pencil, your going to want to start outlining the brow. Use a light hand and outline the shape of the brow, then use small feather like strokes and fill in any small gaps. Next up is brow powder/pomade, I personally like powder for the brows better. It helps them look a little more natural and blends a bit better. So I take Senna Cosmetics "Espresso" brow powder and fill in the brow with a MAC 266 angled brush. What you want to do is use small light motions and fill in all of the brow. If you want more of a ombre brow, use a heavier hand towards the tail of the brow and a very light hand or a powder a shade lighter in the front of the brow. So now that there all filled in you can go in with a clear brow gel, and set them but I only recommend doing so if you have thicker brow because if you have a lot of drawn in hairs then it can make it look a little less natural. Now the last step/ life saver is cleaning up your brows with concealer! All you have to do is take a small brush and dip it in the SMALLEST amount of concealer and line under your brows and a little bit above your front brow hairs. This instantly cleans up and powder of pencil that you may have gotten out of your brow line! So that's it! All the steps to keeping them brows on fleek ;)

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