Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring is upon us! So I figured I would share with you guys some of my favorite products that I tend to gravitate towards every spring! So lets start off with skin. This something that you sort of have to switch up around spring and summer time (At least you do if you live in the ever so humid Florida, like me.) So I always recommend going for something a little more sheer and a little more dewy. This way your skin can still breathe, and wont look cakey. The one foundation I recommend highly is the "L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder." Now I typically stay away from any type of foundation with the word "powder" in it, but this one is different. It is very VERY liquidy in consistency and evens out the skin tone without being cakey, or to full coverage. I also highly recommend the Maybelline BB cream 5-in-1, and the Revlon nearly naked foundation. The BB cream is going to be the sheerest lightest coverage, then the L'Oreal magic nude, and then the Revlon one takes the spot for having the most coverage. Then for skin I highly recommend cream products over your lighter foundation to give you a beautiful natural look. Creams tend to blend better into the skin and just slightly enhance instead of being super harsh. So I highly recommend this contour/blush duo by ELF. Its in the color "St. Lucia" and has the prettiest cream blush in it.. the bronzer is also super nice and bendable. Now to add a glow and a little bronze I would totally go with Lorac's "TANalizer baked bronzer." It is a beautiful shimery bronzer/highlighter that looks so pretty and makes your skin look super dewy and beautiful! Another thing to help insure that glow and healthy look is fix plus by Mac! It sets all your makeup products once you're done applying them and really refreshes the skin! Next up lips! I loveeee lip colors in the spring!! There is nothing prettier in warmer weather then a totally natural look with a pop of color on the lips 😍 So I recommended three lip colors one a pop of color and two neutral light pretty colors! So the first and lightest option is the Korres lip butter in "Jasmine." Its super light and basically like a tinted baby pink lip balm! Next is a little bit more pigmented option and that is the NYX soft matte lip crème in "Istanbul." Its a super pretty kind of salmon based baby pink color and it looks so soft and pretty on the lips! Next is the most high voltage lipstick I think I even own! Its the Mac cosmetics lipstick in "Candy Yum Yum" 😍😍😍😍😍 Its so pretty and I re- fall in love with it every year! Its one of Macs most popular lipsticks and cannot be duped! Like it is just way way to complex of a highlighter pink then any other color on the market! Also mac has some super pretty lip colors that I also loveee for spring like "All fired up" or "flat out fabulous" ect.. So I highly recommend you swing by a Mac and get your hands on your perfect spring/ summer lipstick shade! Last but not least is nails! I have been obsessed with purple this spring! Normally I jump straight into bright pinks, like MACs nail lacquer in "girl about town," but this year I've been all about pastel purple! My current fav is Essie's "To buy or not to buy."

-Links To Buy-
L'Oreal Magic nude (My color 322 "Sand Beige") $14.99

ELF Crème bronzer & blush duo in "st lucia" $3.00

Lorac TANalizer baked bronzer $33.00

Fix + setting spray by Mac Cosmetics $22.00

Korres Lip butter "Jasmine" $12.00

Mac Lipstick in "Candy Yum Yum"  $16.00

NYX soft matte lip crème "Instanbul" $6.00

Essie Nail Polish in "To buy or not to buy" $8.50


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