Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Makeup Organization

Hey guys! I wanted to just make a quick post about makeup storage and organization.. So when you have a lot of beauty products you obviously need somewhere to store them right? Right. So I wanted to let you know of a little mini secret that I have on how to save money and still keep your makeup looking super chic! So one little tip is for storing your makeup brushes... I personally think its a super cute and practical to store brushes in a glass of some sort! I personally have some of mine stored in a large wine glass from ikea. I helped make it a little cuter by tying a little piece of light pink ribbon on the bottom. But for my favorite type of storage I love the acrylic makeup cases!! They're just so chic and make displaying some of your favorite pieces (or your whole collection) look so cute! But here's the thing... they are normally quite pricey :/ But here's the little tip... If you go to home goods or hobby lobby, TJ max, Marshalls, ect. you can get them for like 8-10$! That's a lot better then spending like 50 bucks online for the same thing!! Hope you guys found this mini post helpful and make sure you comment & Let me know what your favorite storage secret is! <3


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