Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Hey babes! Were two for two today lol! If you didn't check out my first post I put up earlier, go check it out! Its all about my brand new Youtube Video!

But if you are here for this post and this post only lol than here you go! This is one of the recent interviews I did on a podcast called 'The Leadership Podcast,'' I share a ton about what its like being a full time blogger and social media influencer and talk a lot about the industry in general click below to listen to all 36 minutes :D xoxo

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Hey Dolls!

Today I am sharing with you my third ever Youtube Video! Im so excited, eeeek!!! You guys know I don't post on Youtube all that often ( considering I've only made three videos in a yr) lolll but Im really loving using the platform to become almost an extension of my blog and instagram. For years I have shared my favorite images via my instagram account, & now sharing live video has become such a fun extension to that sharing.

Also you guys may have noticed a little bit of a change in my content via IG. Thats because I started this new sort of saying "beauty and adventure." Thats kind of a weird mix I know but that really is the epitome of my content, beauty and adventure. So while things may look a little different over there right now, I promise I will have more beauty content up soon!

In the meantime though here is my newest installment of my "Visuals" series, I call this one "No Service." Come with me to see all of the beautiful places I saw while I was away for a month this summer. xoxoxo

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Chicest Bag - Teddy Blake Review

Hey Dolls!

Today I am back at it again with a...you guessed it! A Teddy Blake New York handbag review! So if you are new to my blog you may not know but I have actually done two previous reviews for Teddy Blake. Both of which were for a specific bag called the "Caty Bag." Which holds a similar structure and design to an Hermes bag...You know the one. Yes these bags are seriously good dupes for Hermes Birkin's and Kelly's.

However times have changed and I actually am the new owner of an actual Hermes 35 Orange Birkin :') Yes, yes yes that reveal will be coming soon because like OMG. 


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Top 7 Red Lipsticks Perfect for Hot Summer Looks!

Hey dolls, 

Today Im going to share my top 7 best red lippies with you. Red lipstick is universal, any one can wear it and it goes with every season! Especially summer! I used to think red was a christmas/holiday type of color, but now I love it for a pop off summer color!

1. Fenty Beauty - "Stunna Lip Paint" 

Buy here

A red hot red, that looks beautiful on every skin tone.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Top Beauty Sponges + Direct links to buy!

Hey dolls!

So first off, hey guys! I know its been a minute but I'm actually currently on day two of another month long trip! Im currently on the road from Nashville to Kansas City! So stay tune for a new youtube video coming soon! Im so excited to share this trip with you all! Also Im highlighting my whole trip on my IG stories so come say hi, @officialsavvyj.

So as you guys know its kinda hard to create blog content when your away, since I don't have a ton of new products with me to post about. But....Today I figured I would post about my top favorite beauty sponges, and what I think they're specifically good for.

Lets get into it, xx.


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